Cheeky rolling above the Splat Zones (7-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

7th August 2017 – 7.00 am

I find my Seekers work better when they are aimed straight down the corridors. They also get the occasional splat that I simply don't expect. I'd turn to find out which Seeker it was, but a Luna Blaster is getting close, and that's kinda dangerous. A missed flick or two thankfully doesn't get me in to too much trouble, and I splat the Luna away for now.

My Seeker Rush is poorly timed, but I can't get upset that it's because my squidmates capture the purple Splat Zone. I launch a few and move up to help add pressure, and see how high up the port I can get. I am cautious as a purple inkling's ghost returns to base, but an inkling's shadow super-jumps over me, so I take a cheeky route around the side.

We've lost control of the purple Splat Zone by the time I get above it, but I'm above it in a really nice position for our team. I flick ink to neutralise the Splat Zone as our E-litre 3K super-jumps to me, before turning to help cover our back. That gets a nice splat, and stops the purple team from getting to us quickly.

It doesn't help that I fall off the ledge, but doing so gets me in position to recapture the Splat Zone again, which is good, and I don't get ambushed from behind either. I loiter a bit, helping our score, but my Seeker Rush goes a bit wrong and the Luna Blaster gets some revenge for earlier. A purple Inkstrike hits our Splat Zone as I return, which I'm happy to cover, but an N-ZAP and her Sprinkler double up on me for a quick second splatting.

We lose control briefly, and both teams are defensive for a while. A Seeker Rush in a positive position encourages me to push forwards. I maybe could have pressed the Luna Blaster earlier, to save our E-litre 3K, but I splat her and neutralise the purple Splat Zone. I patrol rather than be too vulnerable capturing it, and look to push cheekily high again, which I manage as my squidmates capture the Splat Zones to start our counter again.

A flick catches an inkling below me superbly, and I drop down on purpose to ink the Splat Zone. Good thing too, as it seems I was followed. But I survive, add some inky threat to my stalker, and see if I can get back behind them again. Nope! They keep chasing me. Good job, Dual Squelcher.

I probably shouldn't have survived that Luna Blaster encounter, but I nevey say no to a bit of luck. A second bit follows quickly, as my random flick finds the inkling, and I roll back towards the purple Splat Zone. The Luna Blaster reappears, and although I think I've jinked successfully, she out-manoeuvres me for the splat.

The Splat Zones are mixed with ten seconds to go, so I try to send out a 'Nice!' as I squid along, bouncing in to walls as I do it. A last-second assault on our Splat Zone doesn't quite succeed in time, and the battle is won. Woomy!

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