You need to pick up the Rainmaker (3-5, Tri-slosher)

7th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

This Rainmaker battle starts out pretty normally, albeit with a splat-threatening stutter by me when trying to squid up a wall. I get myself in to a pretty good position, ink a fair path, and get surrounded by the opposition, whereupon I'm roundly splatted. It's good to see my squidmates pushed the Rainmaker nicely whilst that was happening. I think they even came up behind me.

Being splatted by the Carbon Roller is startling, but not surprising. I hardly made it a secret that I was squidding up the wall. What is more interesting is that she is in exactly the same place almost thirty seconds later, and still doesn't look to be moving.

I don't think the Carbon Roller is here to battle. I think she's here to get easy splats and pat herself on the back for being just so much better than the rest of us. And I'm not here to stroke other people's egos. I decide to sit it out for a bit and see what happens, but in a position where I can be effective quickly. Moray Towers makes this nice and easy to do.

The Rainmaker is burst out of its shield and is just sitting there. I can understand the E-litre 3K not pushing, because it's a solid support weapon, particularly at the Towers. But what about the others? It pleases me to see that my squidmates look to have caught on too, given that we have a decent lead, and are sitting back, waiting for the orange team to do something, not simply running in to be splatted for no reason.

Finally, an orange inkling picks up the Rainmaker! They don't get far, because they have almost no support, but it's movement. I'm happy to spring in to action too, having waited a whole minute since the Rainmaker was freed from its shield. I don't do well, rusty after such a long pause, but I stick around to apply my ink.

I decide to move up to see what I can do, and pop my Bubbler by accident. Oh well, I do what I can, but the E-litre 3K has a Kraken ready, and there's not much I can do about that. And at least it looks like we almost have a battle on our hands, with less than a minute to go. Somewhat surprisingly, the Carbon Roller even makes an appearance in our territory.

Our side of the map turns quite a bit orange. We maybe rested on our laurels a bit, and I'm wondering if a last-second dash will win the orange team the battle. But, nope, they left it far too late to do anything. The splats of the Carbon Roller meant nothing.

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