Finding my path in Rainmaker (8-4, Tri-slosher)

8th August 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm trying not to get splatting right at the start of battles. It's about time, right? I'm not quite sure what else to do, though, which may be clear. I think what I do is delay how soon I get avoidably splatted. So it goes. I try a bit of support to follow, which works quite well. I maybe could have worked out sooner that the pink inkling was hiding behind the block, but I get the splat, and am stopped mostly by the swelling Rainmaker's Shield obscuring my vision.

I sit back and not make myself too vulnerable, as the pink team retake control after a nice dash by a squidmate to give us the lead, and Disrupt the Rainmaker. Maybe that gives me time to head around the side, or maybe I'll run in to trouble. Who knows? I persist with that side route, which clearly is being spotted by that cheeky little Splattershot Jr. That was a delicate little Splat Bomb roll.

I choose a different route next, somewhat sensibly, and apply some ink from above. Our Octobrush is doing splashing that ink around well, and together we burst the Rainmaker open without threat. I push on to ink a path, trusting that he'll grab the Rainmaker, but maybe I should have stayed by his side. At least the route I take gets me above the Rainmaker, and the purple inklings trying to grab it, and I stop them pretty quickly too.

I push ahead again, inking a path that probably won't last ten seconds, taking me all the way to the podium. That gives me a nice height advantage, which works very well with the Rainmaker position for a couple of splats from above. The Octobrush returns, and I wait to provide actual support as he grabs the Rainmaker, and we get further than before, but still not all the way.

My Bubbler helps me survive, and pushing past the Rainmaker lets me negate some inky threat, as a squidmate grabs the Rainmaker and squids up a wall to give us a healthy lead. And either my inky path remained from earlier, or a healthy Rainmaker blast inks the rest of the way to the podium, for what looks like a nice and simple end to a decent battle. Woomy!

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