Sprinklers as decoys in Rainmaker (18-6, Tri-slosher)

8th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

Sneaking around the back works quite well, I'd say. I manage to squid through the grate efficiently, and get behind the Splatterscope without her suspecting anything until she's splatted. Turning to ink ahead of me lets me spot the Hydra Splatling aiming for me, and some sloshing and moving gets a second splat. If only we had the Rainmaker. I should help with that.

It seems my squidmates have the Rainmaker under control, so I go back to inking turf. Some Sprinklers could pose a problem, so I pop my Bubbler, which also helps against the returning inklings. I splat a couple of them, but a Kraken is tricky. I'll start again. But it's good to see the Kraken Krakened.

A bit of squidding here and there lets me get back in to the action safely, and it looks safe to run with the Rainmaker. But looks can be deceiving, and I just squid in to the sight of the Splatterscope. I would say we have a better lead, but it's still not much. Then again, the teal team's carrying strategy seems to be fixed, so I head straight to our corridor and get a really easy splat.

Two more easy splats follow, when the ink from the teal team is coming from a really obvious direction, and they aren't protecting their flank. The third splat, the Splatterscope, takes a bit more effort, but I get it, and just as an inkling is returning by super-jumping. Dropping the Sprinkler on landing seems a peculiar choice, but, as I find out, it can be an effective defensive move. Just not this time.

I push up as the Rainmaker moves forwards, and get caught in a crossfire. Not a problem, as there is turf to tidy up on our side of the Underpass. I do a bit of that, and work my way back around the side. The teal team have the Rainmaker, so it's a bit of a risk, but it turns out they haven't gone far with it. I splat the Rainmaker from behind, have the good sense to pop my Bubbler when the Rainmaker's Shield bulges, and get three more splats for good measure. The last splat is the same as the first.

It looks like the one inkling I miss has grabbed the Rainmaker (what were my squidmates doing?) and is making a new break for it. I am close by, but am taunted by a super-jumping ring that, thanks to being on a ledge, proves my undoing. I return the long way, hoping I won't be too late, and my arrival from behind seems timely. But there is just too much choice of inkling to splat. That, and the Sprinkler-on-landing soaks up some of my sloshed ink. Not a bad tactic, as it turns out.

Despite the extended possession, the teal team still don't carry the Rainmaker far, which is a little underwhelming. A squidmate grabs it as time ticks down, and I head around the side to support, not realising they are heading backwards. I hope that's safe!

I get one more splat, albeit mutual, and the Rainmaker stays safe, giving us a victory that wasn't too comfortable. And I nearly broke the twenty-splat barrier, if only for a little indecision and the occasional Sprinkler. Woomy!

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