Mini splats in Rainmaker (6-5, Zink Mini Splatling)

9th August 2017 – 7.00 am

I saw some nice footage of a Mini Splatling being amazing, so thought I'd replicate it. Of course, it's just not that easy, and I'm not that good unpracticed with the Mini Splatling. It's interesting to find the rhythm of the weapon, which is helped by being able to hold the trigger to charge the next shot whilst the current one is firing.

I splat the Rainmaker as my first main action, which is encouraging! It takes some battling to burst the Shield, with ink coming in from both colours, but I stay safe doing so. And I engage the incoming Splatterscope fairly well, just with a rather empty ink tank. That'll be the Disruptor draining it. I don't stop the Killer Wail, but I avoid it and get a second splat. Not too shabby.

I grab the Rainmaker and run. I consider getting a good early lead a positive enough thing that I charge ahead without waiting for support, and, I have to admit, get much further than I thought I would. If I hadn't hit that tiny cone with the Rainmaker, maybe I could have got further, but so it goes. This will be difficult for the green team to beat.

As the Rainmaker starts coming back, I decide to try to flank the green team. That gets me involved in a couple of local spats, which at least I survive, but I have no idea where the Rainmaker is. Maybe I'll find it once I return to base, thanks to a cheesy Inkzooka splat. Yes, there it is, being carried by a squidmate. Excellent.

I move up to support, and I am getting better with the rhythm of the Mini Splatling, if not aiming it. And it's one thing to get close to a Splatterscope, and quite another to get close to a Carbon Roller. But I show pretty good mobility for a bit, understanding that it is the key to survival a lot of the time for the Mini Splatling. Squidding backwards in to Suction Bombs is just something I can't avoid, though.

Despite a nice Disruptor throw, an Inkstrike throws off my aim more than usual, and the Rainmaker escapes. I catch up with it and help prevent the current push, but corner myself. At least it ends up in mutual splattings. We are putting up a good defence, but I have to admit that I let the team down a little. I look for a splat as the seconds tick down when all I had to do was grab the Rainmaker. That's not helped by two of us focussing on a super-jumping ring in extra time when the Rainmaker is in range.

Still, the green team weren't even close to taking the lead, and some of our team understood the objective. The Rainmaker carrier is splatted and we win the game. Woomy! The Mini Splatling looks to be quite fun too. Maybe I can practice more, but it seems I already want to play with quite a few options.

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