Lending a supporting bucket in Rainmaker (6-2, Tri-slosher)

10th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

Ooh, we have the firepower in this battle, with three shooters and my bucket against two Rollers, a Splatterscope, and one shooter. This should swing in our favour, unless the charger has elite aim and stops us at range with brutal efficiency.

I take a circuitous route to the bottom the Towers, looking to flank the charger. Instead, I run in to the Splattershot looking to flank us, the Rainmaker, and get just far enough past the Dynamo Roller to avoid its flick. Can I get the Splatterscope too? Almost! Which is a fancy word for no.

I hit the other side on my return, where the Rainmaker is sitting. I get there just after the Shield bursts, which is good timing, and just as a Killer Wail is aimed not in my direction, also good timing. I splat the Wailer, and the fallen Dynamo Roller, before my squidmates catch up.

We squid the Rainmaker up the wall as an efficient group, and surge ink forwards as the green team come down the ramps. I put my body in the way, getting splatted totally intentionally to protect the Rainmaker, and not just charging ahead recklessly, but still the Rainmaker doesn't quite get to the podium.

As the green team are splatted as they splat us, we remain mostly in control. Super-jumping gets us back to the Rainmaker quickly, and as there is green pressure surpassing that of my bucket, I take the precaution of holding back as my squidmates super-jump my way.

With that extra support, we burst the Rainmaker's Shield, and make the final push as a team. Woomy! That was pretty smooth.

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