Squid down in Rainmaker (14-9, Tri-slosher)

10th August 2017 – 7.00 am

Wait a minute, something's not right. They have an extra inkling! I suspect we're going to lose this battle, but it's good to see us all surge ahead with dogged determination. I try to flank, but am easily spotted and splatted, and already we're on the back foot. But the purple team have obviously seen us short-squidded, and are perhaps a little over-confident. My bucket splats most of them as they push towards our podium.

The fourth purple inkling is behind the Rainmaker, quashing my teal ink's effect on the shield. But as he tries to get around to splat me, my ink hits the shield, which hits the inkling, sending him to his doom. I'm counting that as a quad. Plus, the Rainmaker is there, no purple team around, so I grab it and make a dash. I get surprisingly far too, only thwarted by a slight lack of ink and a metal bracket. So it goes.

Undeterred, I squid back, where we are putting up a good fight for the Rainmaker. I head around the side, causing some disruption, and inking the way ahead nicely, hoping my squidmates are taking advantage by carrying the Rainmaker. Kind of! But the Rainmaker is naturally slower, and one of us should be escorting it. Getting the podium doesn't mean much without the Rainmaker.

I head back and help stop the purple Rainmaker, getting myself stopped in the process, but that lets me approach from a better angle. Well, theoretically. Higher turf is good, in front of the Rainmaker's blast isn't so good. At least I ink that path to appear above the Rainmaker, so I can get back to the action more quickly, several times in a row. And I need to. The purple team naturally are attacking aggressively.

On one particular push, the purple team seem confident that they'll reach the podium. I disavow them of this notion. All of them. But I suspect the newly extended lead will be a touch more difficult to overcome. A squidmate grabs the Rainmaker to give it a go, but is stopped efficiently by the returning purple team.

The battle is almost over. But not quite! We enter extra time, relieving the purple team of the Rainmaker and managing to burst it free for one last push. If only I was quicker with my Bubbler, maybe we could have pushed it back a bit further. Even so, we put up a damned fine battle for being down a squid, and we refused the purple team the knockout. That deserves a little woomy.

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