Charging back in Rainmaker (13-6, Tri-slosher)

11th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I try not to charge directly in to trouble to start the battle, which pretty much works. But I pretty much only get behind the purple team when they push the Rainmaker, and even then my initial cautious approach has my lagging somewhat behind the action. At least I pop my Bubbler in time, and splat a threatening Inkzooka, at which point my squidmates stop the Rainmaker. But the purple team have taken a fairly commanding lead, for Urchin Underpass.

As the Rainmaker Shield looks quite purple as I head towards it, I am dubious as to whether we can fight back effectively. A squidmate's Killer Wail helps to start with, getting the purple inklings away and the Rainmaker in to our tentacles. And we're all around the Rainmaker for the push back, each of us lending our support.

I get a lucky splat from sloshing, I pop my Bubbler to help us feel safer, and the purple team are not to be seen as our Rainmaker carrier surges through the grate, snatching the lead away from the purple team immediately. Nice! A bit more sloshing and inking gets the Rainmaker almost on top of the podium, and it's only Inkstrikes that stops us from getting the knockout. I didn't quite expect us to come back so convincingly so quickly, but that was excellent!

Now the purple team are in trouble. Their first return is thwarted effectively, not getting far past the middle, and we start to tussle around the centre of the map. I push higher, hoping for the knockout still, but have to wait a bit before the Rainmaker comes close to the podium. But it does get closer to their base than to ours, the purple team's saving grace being the one-way route out of their side to effectively reset the Rainmaker occasionally.

We very nearly surpass our lead, and get the knockout, but my little squidy legs don't let me catch up to the purple inklings chasing the Rainmaker, neither does my bucket quite have the reach to slosh them. I should have stopped sloshing and squidded through the ink for a moment instead. But it's no loss, and more an assertion that the first time wasn't a fluke. Woomy!

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