Carrying the Rainmaker (6-9, Blaster)

12th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

Holding back a little doesn't do me any favours here, but at least it indirectly gets me to where the Rainmaker is, albeit it heading towards our podium. As my Killer Wail charges bursting the Rainmaker Shield, it seems like a good time to use it and grab the Rainmaker. Even getting a little stuck on a corner, I get much further than I would have thought. Nice!

My squidmates catch up to my run, burst the Rainmaker's Shield, and get even closer to the knockout by the time I'm super-jumping their way. They are stopped short again, but our lead looks pretty solid. The green team make the good decision to focus on splatting us before the breaking the Rainmaker free, and in the mess of ink that comes our way, I don't realise for a second that I survive the first explosion. Not the second, though.

Hopefully we can defend this lead. Well, hopefully we can extend our lead to a knockout, but that can get tricky in the Warehouse. It's not helped by my aiming rather lacking still. I keep insisting on using the Carbon Roller and Tri-slosher most often, whose requirements for aiming are delightfully loose, and it is normally a little startling to return to a blaster or charger, at least initially. But practice keeps me vaguely competent.

At the very least, keeping the turf purple will prevent easy movement by the green team, which really is a good defence. Holding back to keep the channels purple, instead of pushing for splats, doesn't get me in to too much trouble. Indeed, the Rainmaker comes to me instead, in a corridor where I would be rightly embarrassed if I missed, at least on the second shot.

Bursting the Rainmaker is a doddle with just my Blaster unopposed. I see a purple path ahead of me. Why not grab the Rainmaker again? Why not indeed. Inking the top of the shortcut block is complicated by the recoil of the Rainmaker, but I squid up to head around the side. Somehow, I once more get further than I reasonably expected, and end with a splat. I also recognise that pushing the Rainmaker towards your opponents is also a good defence.

I head back the same route, along with our E-litre 3K, who shows more caution than me. I am feeling confident now, after all, and although I stand still on top of a Splat Bomb, I manage to get my Killer Wail fired. It doesn't catch the super-jumper, not lasting quite long enough, but it bursts the Rainmaker's Shield, splatting the Splat Bomber in return. I'll take that trade.

We can wait to see which way the Rainmaker comes, made easier by their needing to ink the turf first. I see something squid my way, and although I think the first shot is good, it takes a second to make it count, a second that lets them splat me back. So it goes. The Rainmaker is stopped anyway, and a squidmate grabs it. Maybe by accident. Still, it gives him a mystical deflection bonus against Inkzookas, which I lack.

With precious few seconds remaining, our Rainmaker carrier heads backwards. Hopefully we won't regret this decision, and it seems he's judged the situation well. The green team aren't close enough to force a mistake. I think I even have time for a little victory dance. Woomy!

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