The Rainmaker's not going far (13-9, Carbon Roller Deco)

12th August 2017 – 7.00 am

Sneaking across the gap on Flounder Heights works when the other team isn't rushing to control the objective. To be honest, I'm surprised I'm not splatted from the side when I'm trying to splat the inkling on the ledge. But it just takes a little longer before I'm caught.

The Rainmaker stays where it is for a bit longer, but is eventually grabbed by a squidmate. I surge forwards, hoping it will follow my ink, but the progress seems somewhat sluggish. Maybe stuff is happening I can't see. I ink some turf towards the podium anyway, and the Rainmaker does start pushing forwards, and gets a decent distance, if not unsurmountable. It's a good start, at least.

Returning to give chase to the green Rainmaker takes me one way and another, but I avoid most attention. What I do forget is my Seekers, for some reason, which would have been rather helpful in catching up with a Rainmaker squidding down a straight corridor. Silly me. Bumping in to the other Carbon Roller gets me nowhere but back to base, and then I only have eyes for the Rainmaker. I'm lucky to sneak under the flicking Carbon Roller to get the splat too.

I'm rather conscious of the Splatterscope aiming down at me, so squid to the other side of the building to be less of a target. This would work better if I could flick ink high enough, and not drop through grates. I try to make the best of the situation, helped by my squidmates effectively sending inklings my way. I'm not quite quick enough to do the opposite favour for them, though, and our Rainmaker is stopped again.

Some battling occurs around the top of the Heights. At one point I send a Seeker towards the Rainmaker that works out much better than intended, splatting the Rainmaker as soon as it is grabbed. The green team get their own back, when their Carbon Roller appears just as I try to take control. The Rainmaker starts coming back our way, but gets mired in blue ink, letting me sneak around a blast to stop it again.

I dodge a Killer Wail, just about clinging to the roof, whilst the Rainmaker sits idle, and splat the Carbon Roller to make everything look safe. It only looks safe, mind you, and inklings appear from two sides when I decide it safe to grab the Rainmaker and run. The Rainmaker really isn't making it far across the roof, one way or the other.

An Inkzooka threatens, but pushes himself off the roof. A Killer Wail surges across us. The Inkzooka carrier reappears, probably not expecting me to have waited. A Splattershot can't dislodge me. The Rainmaker can, quite easily. And with a few seconds to go, the green team manage to pass their previous best position. Not enough to beat our lead, which we haven't increased since, but I feel it worthy of mentioning anyway.

The green team are stopped short, and can't reclaim the Rainmaker to push the battle in to extra time. Early pushes from both sides pretty much settled the battle, after which we fought mostly on the roof. Good battle, everyone!

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