Blasted Slosher in Rainmaker (12-8, Blaster)

13th August 2017 – 7.00 am

Using the boxes to shield me from the Rainmaker's bursting shield is a pretty good idea. Maybe not so good that it puts me in to the sights of most of the purple inklings, but never mind, lesson learnt. By the time I return, which really doesn't take the long, the purple team have made an aggressive push. With that covering Killer Wail, they'd undoubtedly get further too, had I not chosen to jink down the corridor to flank them through the gap.

I nearly get a quad. If my initial shot was better, I would have. Silly purple inklings, being so close to each other, getting a solid lead. But we stop them all as a team, and now we get a chance to push back. I hope my Killer Wail does something, even without splats, and I head around the side to provide some flanking support. I kinda get caught up with the E-litre 3K, but my little Blaster wins that spat, and turning back catches another inkling in my sights.

Off to find the Rainmaker, and although I don't catch her with a solid blast, my Killer Wail pushes her in to our ink so we can stop the push. We grab the Rainmaker, and I try to blaze a path, just to the side of a Killer Wail. But the Rainmaker gets stopped behind me, and my path carries me in to the Slosher. I work my way forwards and behind the Rainmaker as it comes back our way, surprising it somewhat, but the E-litre 3K by its side evades me. I pretty much waste a Killer Wail on this little feud, only to be sloshed aside once again.

Stopping another purple push, closer than ever to their goal, I head back towards the middle hoping to catch some inklings unaware. I think I do a good job of splatting the E-litre 3K off a threatening perch, but I don't hear that double-hit in time, and a second inkling, the Slosher of course, drops down to splat me in return.

Still the purple team push. Still we just about hold them off. A Killer Wail on top of our base seems unpleasant, but we can sneak out from that. Rather easier than getting out of sight of the E-litre 3K, who looks to splat me clean through a solid wall. Not much you can do about that, really. I try the left corridor for a change, which gets me splatted by the Dual Squelcher for a change, who looks to be mostly inking turf to charge her Killer Wail. I suppose it's a tactic, if one I consider pretty cheesy.

We get one last shot at the Rainmaker as the battle enters extra time. I try to sneak around the side, but am stopped by the Slosher. Stopped, but not splatted, thanks to my Bubbler. I head the other way to support my squidmates more directly, and almost splat the Slosher, but the battle ends a split-second too soon for that, as we lose the Rainmaker. Oh well.

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