Bombs away in Tower Control (6-4, Fresh Squiffer)

13th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

Nice shot on the back of my squidmate's head there. If only my aim was that good at a moving target all the time. But wait, I splat the Splatling first try! Nice. I push ahead, brimming with confidence, and the Tower starts coming our way. A really nice Suction Bomb throw catches an inkling off-guard, and it looks like maybe we can make a decent initial push. Then the bombs start flying in. Oh well.

I clear up after an interloper, and don't quite make the jump over the partition, don't quite make it up the inked wall, and then don't quite make it up the inked block. I have been a squid before, honest. I see our interloper has returned, and go to chase her off, but she evades me, supporting the Tower. That's okay, my squidmates return the Tower, sans interloper, and I help it head back the other way.

The bombs start coming again, everything getting quite inky, but this time I have a Kraken ready. I'm pretty sure just chilling on the Tower isn't what the Kraken is best at, but it seems to help. It extends our lead, at least. And I jump off to splat the Splatling at just the right moment, although I relinquish control of the Tower to do so and have to chase it all the way back to the centre.

We have a bit of a tussle in the middle of Kelp Dome for a bit, neither side giving much way, and I hang around until my inner Kraken comes out again. I aim to clear the Tower, but it's cleared before I reach it, and I try to ride it a bit, but my Kraken calms down before I get far. And the bombs come flying in.

I miss a whole bunch of shots, almost looking like the purple team will make a successful bid for the lead, but my squidmates have us covered, and at least I am spreading green ink around. My Kraken charges, which is good, so I head towards the Tower to help it along whilst invulnerable. A Splat Bomb rolls out, though, and I think my Kraken can better help clear the way. So I do that.

Time is running out for the purple team, and although we trade bombs for a bit, we keep control of the Tower by hopping on and off, right until an Inkzooka spoils our fun. The purple team have one last push to get right across the map for the victory, but they barely get a few metres before being stopped. That means we win, woomy!

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