Is it too far in Tower Control (7-12, Fresh Squiffer)

14th August 2017 – 7.00 am

I almost look like a pro, squiffing towards the Tower, chucking a Suction Bomb ahead of me. Right until I throw a Suction Bomb at the Splatterscope on the perch, and hit the ramp right in front of me. Never mind, no one probably saw that. I retreat to cover the Tower's progress, and when that's almost immediately halted I just go with my flow and head around the side. I'm not sure what I can do there, which probably shows.

My squidmates push the Tower back, as the Splat charger applies pressure in the wrong direction. I lob a bomb or two in that direction before one hits the mark, and the Splat Charger predictably drops down out of trouble. And pops up around the corner. But, in a brief spell of competence, I out-draw her, and whilst hampered by being right-handed. Not too shabby!

I get caught up in the ink after that, but still somehow come out on top, splatting two inklings with one panic-thrown Suction Bomb. And still the Tower trundles on. We're looking good at the moment. On our next push we get even further, and I think I help! I splat the Splat Charger from the side, from the bridge, which is immensely satisfying, and help take some pressure off with another decent splat. I don't quite jump in time to help reclaim a cleared Tower, though.

From the water, straight in to an Inkzooka waiting for me. The amount of teal ink on our turf looks a bit ominous, like the tables are about to be turned. A Splat Bomb Rush rolling our way doesn't help matters, and as the inky pressure continues to build, the Tower keeps eating in to our lead.Yeah, we're in trouble. It's not going to get better with my defence. The aiming under pressure I showed earlier has evaporated!

A Suction Bomb helps, but it's a squidmate who gets us out of immediate trouble, pushing the Tower backwards a bit before hopping off and letting it do its thing. We're still under a lot of inkling pressure, though. Two things happen. One is that the teal inklings go looking for the Tower. The other is that I choose the alternative route out of our base. I think the first thing makes more difference, particularly as I end up in the water, throwing a Suction Bomb under the bridge as I go.

Still, at least we're out of our base and the turf is looking orange. We've all but lost the battle, with under thirty seconds to go and needing to just about get the knockout just to win. We push the battle in to extra time, barely claiming the Tower in time, but it feels like a long way to go, with one attempt, after having been locked down for a couple of minutes. But we can try.

Super-jumping is the way to go. One by one, we super-jump to the Tower and hope to stick to it long enough for the next squidmate to super-jump to replace us. We are helped by a couple of teal inklings, one quite hilariously obvious, falling in to the water instead of jumping on to the Tower, and still we super-jump forwards. It's a bit cheesy normally, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Little by little the Tower continues, and with a Suction Bomb from me, and some rapid shooting by a squidmate, we keep it pushing forwards, all the way to retaking the lead. That was pretty intense, and one of the longest comebacks I've been a part of. Woomy!

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