Not quick enough with the Bubbler in Splat Zones (6-5, Tri-slosher)

15th August 2017 – 7.00 am

I take a long, rather convoluted route to the Splat Zones, but I'm not spotted this time. That lets me hit the purple team from behind, getting a couple of splats, whilst having my Bubbler charged and ready in case of trouble. The trouble comes from below, though, where I'm not looking, so that charged Bubbler goes to waste. And the purple team have the lead.

I ink a third route to the Splat Zones as I return, giving us more options, and that charges me Bubbler again. I feel I somewhat waste this one, a squidmate splatting the inky threat quickly. The Bubbler at least keeps me unharmed from the pesky Dynamo Roller above, but when I try to sneak up between flicks, I slink up the wall a little too much and get caught by the Roller anyway. So it goes.

The purple pressure looks strong. They are well on the way to victory, and it seems the best we can do is halt their counter occasionally. But just when all looks lost, we capture the Splat Zones, to give ourselves a shred of dignity, and the purple team a big buffer to work through. I push higher than the Splat Zones to keep the purple ink away, but most of it has already got past me, and I am flicked back to base.

The tide seems to have turned, though. My squidmates must be doing well, as our counter is only paused briefly, and now we are on a scoring streak. I help halt a Suction Bomb Rush, but the hard way, by getting in to the middle of it, and although our counter is halted for a while, the purple team don't take control.

Our team regroups, and I make another attempt to splat the Dynamo Roller between flicks. My previous experience pays off, along with some support from a squidmate in splatting a second inkling, and one Dynamo Roller is sent back to base, shortly before I drop down to do the same to the second. With that, we regain control of the Splat Zones.

I push forwards to apply some pressure, but only hit the pressure of the Dynamo Rollers heading my way. That's okay, as it pauses them briefly, which is a long time for a Dynamo Roller, and our counter continues ticking over. Indeed, we take the lead and, because the purple team were so close to winning, seconds later steal the knockout victory. What a good turnaround! Woomy!

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