Pressing back the purple in Splat Zones (6-1, Carbon Roller Deco)

16th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

No Seeker for me to start the battle. I am aiming to head immediately around the side, and don't want to run out of ink as I roll there. I find an inkling coming down the corridor, but as I went right around the side I catch her from behind, finishing the splat with a mid-range flick.

With the inkling out of the way, I can head around the back and, well, maybe not right around the back with that belly flop. That's fine, the purple inklings all seem to be near the Splat Zones anyway, highlighted by a handy Echolocator. Running in to an Inkzooka spoils my fun a little, though.

The purple team snatch the Splat Zones from us, but there's no need to panic yet. I head around the side again, wait for another Inkzooka to go away, and drop down to add some ink to the Splat Zones. A Seeker Rush helps with that, and hitting the corners prevents surprise inklings from splatting me.

Squidding this way and that bags me another couple of splats, and keeps me out of trouble. But I hear more trouble, as an Inkzooka fires, and I can't ignore that. I use my ninja squid t-shirt to get in to a good position and splat the Inkzooka, before turning back to cover the ink it has shot. An Inkstrike comes in next, but splatting an inkling helps turn that patch green again.

A bit of maintenance around the sides keeps me busy for a bit, and I return to the Splat Zones in time to keep them green, again with the help of splatting an inkling. I just have time to shout a 'Nice!' or two, and the battle is won. Woomy!

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