Rollers in the Splat Zones (6-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

16th August 2017 – 7.00 am

Rollers can cover turf pretty well, but they are vulnerable doing so. Going in to the Splat Zones battle with three of them on our team will be interesting. I zoom my way forwards, thanks to a couple of Seekers, and just about avoid the Aerospray's ink to squid up a wall, catching the Inkbrush by surprise.

I'm not sure what I'm aiming to do after the splat, but moving forwards seems like a good idea most of the time. I turn back when no opportunity is obvious, and help ink and protect the Splat Zones. Not for long, as pressure forces me to the side, and I go on one of my flanking moves. That leaves the Splat Zones to the purple team, but I have the satisfaction of splatting a Kraken.

I don't escape the Splattershot Pro, and the purple team enjoy more time in control of the Splat Zones. My squidmates help neutralise the Splat Zones as I head down the side of the bridge, and I try to add a Seeker Rush across the Splat Zones, but they are green again anyway. I squid around trying to find somewhere I can be useful, ending up as a puddle of ink in front of an Inkzooka. So it goes.

The Inkzooka doesn't catch my squidmates, and they instead capture the Splat Zones again, pushing us from being behind in to a comfortable lead. Nice! I play around on a wall, waiting for the Inkbrush, and despite my floundering still get the splat. From there I spy the Aerospray and jump across, just missing the splat. I pursue the Aerospray after waiting for the super-jumper, and catch them apparently off guard.

Returning to the Splat Zones surprises the Inkbrush from behind, and that small sequence of splats helps leave the Splat Zones untouched by purple ink for long enough to secure us the victory. Woomy!

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