Grim blasting in Tower Control (14-7, Grim Range Blaster)

17th August 2017 – 7.00 am

Woo, look at the brush go, tentacles flapping away! That gives us a really swift path to the Tower, and I chance squidding past it. I get a lucky direct hit for the first splat, persuading the other yellow inklings to retreat. A couple of indirect hits gets a second splat, and the Rapid Blaster doesn't want to come close to me. That's cool, because I don't want to get close to Rapid Blasters. I'll ride the Tower instead.

I keep the Range Blaster at bay with my own Range Blaster, just about putting off her aim enough not to be splatted in return, but that Rapid Blaster is in a good position to stop me. I take my time getting back to the middle, laying down more ink, and get another juicy direct hit when I get back to the action. My Killer Wail isn't angled quite right for splats, but it keeps the yellow inklings back and lets us move up, and from there a Burst Bomb and blast combination bags another splat.

It all gets a bit dangerous in the middle of the camp, and I have to pull back to avoid a Suction Bomb, which puts me in the path of a Killer Wail as I am firing, and just as I think I've avoided that I'm splatted by an unseen Inkzooka. Phew, that was all a bit much. The Splat Bomb neatly rolled behind the Inkzooka is a small comfort, at least. Three of us squid out of base together, looking to stop the yellow Tower. My confidence in Burst Bombs is misplaced, but I beat the yellow Range Blaster to get the first blast in range.

No one's been down our right flank yet, which is surprising. I ink the path, and stop the Tower with one blast more than expected, before getting mired in yellow ink. The yellow team make another push, which I stop down the freshly inked flank, but not particularly early. We have a fair distance to push the Tower for a victory now. I resist the urge to jump across the water to start the push, and thankfully a squidmate does it successfully from the other side.

The ink starts flying at the centre of the camp, with my contributions from the side being a little cautious, but keeping the ink flowing without my getting splatted. One squidmate has pushed the Tower during this messy encounter, which helps convince the yellow team to retreat a little, and that opens up a bit more room for me to move. The Tower is cleared, a squidmate super-jumps to keep it going, and my Killer Wail charges to keep the yellow ink off the Tower just long enough for us to take the lead. Nice!

Our lead extends further, which is an excellent result from that push, and for this point in the battle. We should be able to defend from here, and despite one unlucky miss, I splat a couple of inklings looking to take control of the Tower as it returns to the centre. With a few seconds left, I hop on the Tower to see if we can end the battle in control, but am blasted off almost immediately.

A Kraken nicely gets immediate revenge for my splatting, and a squidmate jumps on the Tower. We do indeed finish the battle in control. Woomy!

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