One push is all it takes in Tower Control (8-10, Grim Range Blaster)

17th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I get lucky avoiding that Carbon Roller at the mad rush for the Tower, and I celebrate by taking a swim, rather than aiming for the Bamboozler. I'm sure I had my reasons. My aim lets me down a little as the Carbon Roller forces me back, but I suppose I survive longer than expected. I finally get a splat when I'm close to the Tower, but it does little as the teal inkling is replaced by another.

I would pressure the Tower more, but Seekers are heading my way. Maybe the Carbon Roller is too, so I take a potshot and get lucky with a direct hit. Nice! My luck runs out pretty quickly, though, and I'm back in the water. I next choose the wrong time to get stuck mid-shot, not being able to put my Range Blaster away as a Splat Bomb rolls to my feet. Oh well. At least I'm not fooled by the Carbon Roller heading towards our base again.

The Tower keeps coming our way, and the best we can do is send it back to the centre. It doesn't help that I can barely make it to the centre myself. I think I'll get close, stopping the Carbon Roller's Seeker Rush, but a rogue Seeker is released that I don't see, and I'm sent back to base again. At least my squidmates get the Tower back to the centre, which is something.

I have space to get to the centre of the camp, and with a little look to make sure I'm safe, I even push past it. And, what's this? My Special has charged! I should do something with that, so once I make sure my flank is clear, I aim towards the Tower and sound the Killer Wail. Another splat! I'm on a roll. The Tower starts moving forwards and I see if I can move up without being splatted. The teal inkling is just charging his Inkstrike, I would guess, and once that's launched he runs headlong in to my blaster, which is nice.

The Tower's gone backwards before I can provide more support, which is a shame. I head back, sending another Killer Wail out, and duck away from a squid with supernatural swimming speed, mildly helping my squidmates retake control. I start laying down some ink, and looking for the Carbon Roller. I think I spy her, but miss my shot at the squid, and am caught by the Inkbrush instead. My squidmate gets some quick revenge.

The Tower's really heading forwards now! Being splatted back to base is a blessing in disguise, giving me the obvious option of super-jumping forwards. I don't think I can claim to have helped give us the lead, as I super-jump to a Kraken, but it's nice to be there when we do. Now, can we defend our new lead? Maybe!

The Bamboozler stays just enough out of range to Bamboozle me, but jumps to his watery doom. I get three indirect hits on someone with no splat, but I kinda draw the Inkbrush off the Tower. Splats are coming thick and fast on both sides, and still the Tower comes forwards. They teal team is approaching a choke point, though, and maybe only one more chance to get through it.

The teal Kraken is blasted off the Tower, which deserves a 'Nice!', and I get a good direct hit to clear the Tower completely. I try to be the hero by jumping on to claim the Tower as ours as the clock ticks down, but I instead hit the drink again. But the teal team don't have time to recover. I, however, have time for a tiny victory jig. Woomy!

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