Can I keep doing this in Splat Zones (11-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

19th August 2017 – 7.00 am

The classic Seeker trail gets me to the Splat Zones quickly, but I don't launch the second soon enough, and run out of ink. I just about escape a Suction Bomb and an E-litre 3K shot, but where are my squidmates? The Splat Zones turn purple. One of them is nearby, at least, and his getting splatted gives me some ink to move silently through, which lets me see a Roller to splat.

I move on, but a bit too soon, as a Squiffer stands up as I pass. He doesn't adjust his aim, which works for me, and I turn at get a second splat as the E-litre 3K's sight seeks me. I would like to splat that E-litre 3K, so start rolling around the back, but meet an inkling coming the other way. I should jink to the side, because rolling backwards doesn't work against a shooter, as I show.

I get back to the action quickly, thanks to a squidmate planting a Beakon around the side ledge, but an Inkstrike pushes me back and an Echolocator persuades me to hide a bit. I decide to try to hit the flank again. Running in to an inkling and surviving gives me a boost, but as I roll around to the E-litre 3K he moves to one side. I think I've been spotted, but he's just recharging. That Seeker was a waste, mostly of ink, which makes me short for when the super-jumper lands. Out-flicked by a Dynamo Roller, how embarrassing.

Rolling directly in to trouble is not a good idea, so I hit the side again, as we lose the lead. A lot of my ink is still there, which helps my speed, but the E-litre 3K is gone. I look around a bit, but see nothing, and move this way and that to try to find opportunity. It comes to me, eventually, but the Dynamo Roller out-runs me, also quite embarrassing, but at least the E-litre 3K sits below me nicely. A Seeker Rush should help with adding some ink to the Splat Zones, and although I can't escape incoming ink again, one Seeker finds the elusive Dynamo Roller.

I head around the side and, again using some of my original ink, and make it right around the back. Still no inklings up here, but rolling from the back has its advantages. I splat the E-litre 3K eventually, and squid up to find the Squiffer next to me. The Dynamo Roller is splatted by a squidmate before I can do it, but that's fine by me, and I help to recapture the Splat Zones whilst the green team are missing. Well, most of them.

The side route is working for me. How many times can I use it? I think probably once more, but decide that stopping a Suction Bomb Rush is maybe a better idea, and hang around to help keep the Splat Zones purple. I use my Seeker Rush to apply some pre-emptive pressure, getting a nice splat in the process, and all that's left to do is a little victory dance!

Oh, I remember my previous early celebrations, so stop dancing to keep the ink flowing. But this time, it's not needed. I could have danced a bit more. Never mind, we win! Woomy!

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