Fun at the resort in Tower Control (7-5, Grim Range Blaster)

20th August 2017 – 7.00 am

Both teams gauge the other to start the battle, not committing too much ink forwards, and it seems like we come out on top with splats and turf. When the purple team are definitely two inklings down, I climb on to the Tower and start pushing it forwards. Some forwards pressure helps a squidmate splat an inkling ahead, and some sensible hopping off and on, plus a squidmate as a distraction, gets another splat to help move the Tower further.

My push doesn't last, though a squidmate retakes the Tower with some alacrity and gets it further than I did. I take the long route back, not wanting to succumb to too much inky pressure, but get it anyway when my aim goes a bit awry. It doesn't help that the Range Blaster has stupid amounts of damage up kit. Nothing helps that. The purple team don't seem too interested in the Tower, though. As it trundles back under its own clockwork, I hop on again.

I get a decent distance, and a decent direct hit, before being splatted back by a defensive inkling. I don't mind so much. It's all well and good to sit up there getting splats on the Tower, but it won't win the battle. As a further demonstration, my squidmates make another really good push, extending our lead a little more, and although a purple inkling hops on to the Tower to move it back, they are splatted off and no one takes their place. The Tower ends up sitting neutrally in the middle of the map once more.

I have a bit of fun with .52 Gal, who sensibly gets clear, then waste my Killer Wail trying to catch him. Catching the Inkzooka with a direct hit is satisfying, and I manage to get lucky against the Mini Splatling in very patchy ink. I retreat to take stock, before moving forwards again, bagging another good splat. But I get over-confident, and try to ink the purple team's favourite wall, which turns my back on the inkling looking to us it.

The purple team move the Tower back to the centre, but no further, as I am embroiled with the Mini Splatling. I manage to get the splat through persistence, and I can't be too worried about where the Tower is. It's at the centre. And now moving forwards. I provide some support, but am a little bamboozled by what I assume is the Mini Splatling. That pushes me in to the now-cleared Tower, so I hop on and take it further. When I'm ambushed from above and behind, a squidmate avenges me easily and takes over the push.

It's another good push too, extending our lead once more. I think that's worth a speculative super-jump to the Tower. More than that, even. Before I land, the Tower hits the goal for the knockout victory. Woomy! And even this late in to the battle, the purple team hadn't even registered a score.

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