Pushing back in Splat Zones (5-2, Tri-slosher)

21st August 2017 – 7.00 pm

My mood has not lifted much. That last uploaded battle was good, but anomalous, and my losing streak continues. I am now half-way down A-, and still trying to salvage some self-respect with the Tri-slosher. I don't think I'm having bad battles as such, but I'm feeling frustrations stronger than normal, which effects my perceptions of how well I'm doing.

I still try to make good strategic decisions, rather than throwing myself head-first in to foolish situations and wondering what's going wrong. And going down the side of the Splat Zones, and not over the ramp, seems like a good decision. The E-litre 3K doesn't fully get a bead on me to start with, and I get a good Disruptor throw on them to slow him down a little.

I head around the side to try to catch the charger, but having just Disrupted him, I can only imaging he's waiting for me. Apparently not. That works for me. A bit of a look around finds the Splat Charger in the Splat Zone, and my Tri-slosher works well when my jump doesn't quite get me where I want, and my Bubbler keeps me going when an unexpected Splatling super-jumps in.

The side still looks clear, although I practice some caution moving down. The E-litre 3K hasn't seen me, and is just inking turf, but I'm surprised he doesn't spot my squid getting caught in his ink. On the other hand, the Splat Charger has seen me, and instead of getting clear, my over-confidence makes me think I can splat the E-litre 3K first. I can't, the Splat Charger's aim is good.

Even so, the blue team are pushed back pretty convincingly already, with their chargers either splatted or only just outside their base. I can even super-jump in to the other half of the mall, Echolocated when landing, and be safe. But at least one blue inkling has moved up, and I circle back not in time to prevent her Inkstrike, but with plenty of time to splat her trying to get out of the hole.

I have time to watch proceedings from a perch for a bit. Three blue inklings are all on the other side, and under pressure from squidmates. The last blue inkling is coming my way. I move to intercept, and even though I can only get a mutual splat, that is more than good enough. The battle is over, our victory a knockout. Woomy!

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