Splatting forwards in Splat Zones (4-3, Tri-slosher)

22nd August 2017 – 7.00 am

My plan to get quickly around the purple team almost works, right up until I meet the purple team. Maybe I Disrupt one of them, that should count for something. I come back to purple ink blocking our entrance to the Splat Zones, but the Splat Zones at least remain neutral. I get another Disruptor throw off, but can do nothing more from below, so move forwards.

I try the side route again, pausing only to play chicken with a Killer Wail, and try to find someone to splat. It's not as easy as it looks. I finally find someone, the Dynamo Roller setting a Killer Wail, then hiding in it, and keep sloshing as a super-jumper arrives. I should have squidded for a bit, save my ink, but popping my Bubbler refills my tank. I'm sure that's a good use for the Special.

I head in to and across the Splat Zones, stumbling in to another super-jumper, but get sought by a Seeker at the same time. Still, the Splat Zones stay a nice and consistent shade of green, and our charger provides a nice position to super-jump to.

I move in to the Splat Zones, and see where another Killer Wail is coming from. Before I move there, I have to deftly dodge a Seeker, although I'm not sure quite what agency I had in that manoeuvre, which brings a Carbon Roller with it. A squidmate takes one for the team, I avenge the squidmate, and then head back around the side.

There's really not much more to do, though. Our score has been counting down since we captured the Splat Zones. It's a bit of a shame, as the corridor has two super-jumping rings, and the inkling providing the jumping-in point. Then again, the Splattershot splats me away from the potential triple easily.

Still, super-jumping there, with no Tri-slosher to stop them, isn't enough to prevent out quick knockout victory. I doubt even my meatshield made much difference to the outcome.

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