Tough-fought comeback in Splat Zones (11-8, Tri-slosher)

22nd August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm a little lucky not to get splatted by that Carbon Roller when I first go down the side, but we lose the Splat Zones anyway, my Disruptor misses the E-litre 3K, and I'm too slow with my Bubbler against the .52 Gal. So it goes. To make matters worse, the teal ink has been pushed almost up to our base already. I think I do well to get rid of one infiltrator, until the ink catches up with me and I'm splatted anyway.

I don't think going down the middle is going to help. Thankfully, we have options. I head down the side, squid up the wall, and manage to neutralise our Splat Zone. Our Roller chooses just the wrong time to super-jump to me, and I can't protect him, but maybe I can do something about the E-litre 3K. I'll want to go around the long way, and that means I'm relying on my squidmates to keep the teal ink out of the Splat Zones just a little bit longer.

My squidmates do a good job, and although I think I'm in trouble when an Echolocator hits, the E-litre 3K is apparently too cavalier in thinking every opponent is somewhere in front of him. That works for me. And with that pressure off our corridor, maybe we can do something about the Splat Zones. My squidmates capture our Splat Zone, and with some height and a charged Bubbler, I manage to capture the teal team's. Now our score starts counting.

I tidy up on my way back, and change my mind about the direction when a Killer Wail blocks my way. It's a good route, already inked, and I manage to slosh under a Splash Wall, then catch a second inkling with a Disruptor. I lose track of the E-litre 3K, and suspect he's dropped down behind the wall, right up until I am hit by a splatting Burst Bomb. Once again, our Roller chooses the wrong time to super-jump to me.

The teal team take control again. I hit the side route once more, and squid out of trouble, which works quite well. I get splatted, but draw two inklings out of our Splat Zone and splat them back. It doesn't look like we take much advantage of that, though. A brief miss of the Carbon Roller gets me back to our base when two inklings try to cross the bridge. One is unlucky, the other retreats, and we wrest back control of our Splat Zone.

I get across the other side again, showing the bucket's superiority on the bridge, and pop my Bubbler and use a Disruptor to splat the Carbon Roller, narrowly being missed by a Seeker. A bit of tidying down our flank seems like a good idea, as we're in control, removing options for the teal team, returning options for us, and helping recharge my Bubbler a bit. I return to the Splat Zones as a Suction Bomb Rush is on its fringe, and am pushed back in to the Burst Bomb range of the E-litre 3K. But this time, our Roller gets revenge. Nice!

Less than twenty seconds remain in the battle, and we're just about hanging on to the Splat Zones. My splat-on-landing in the Splat Zone doesn't help, but we capture the Splat Zones to push the battle in to extra time. It's almost looking like we can turn this battle around! Two inklings are pressing our Splat Zone, but a well-thrown bomb splats the pair of them, and everything is looking orange.

There is time for some morale boosting shouts of 'Nice!', as our score overtakes the teal team's. From what looked like a hopeless position, we steal the victory. Woomy!

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