Sneaking the lead in Rainmaker (10-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

23rd August 2017 – 7.00 am

There's the usual posturing around the Rainmaker at the top of the Heights, with little movement either way. I decide that it's probably about time someone grabbed the Raimnaker, so do it myself. I think I'm going to get a decent distance, and although I get fairly far, I am stopped short of what I had hoped. So it goes, and we've got a good lead.

Super-jumping back to where the Rainmaker dropped is a bit of a gamble at the best of times. Landing on a Kraken is a bit unlucky, though. Even worse, the Rainmaker sneaks past me and outruns my Carbon Roller flicking, to sneak the orange team the lead straight away. How embarrassing. Running in to the Range Blaster doesn't help either.

Getting three quick splats salvages some of my self-respect, at least. I get a Seeker Rush out of the way, just so that it doesn't go to waste when I grab the Rainmaker, and turn around in to the Custom Blaster. Damn, that was a sharp shot. We get the Rainmaker back, force the (presumably) Custom Blaster to super-jump out, and start moving in the right direction again.

The Rainmaker support gets ahead of the Rainmaker, which it probably should do, but maybe a little too far. And then I can't find the Rainmaker. I have to take a moment, by which point the orange team have found it, and moved it back to our base. At least my squidmates stop that early, letting me turn around to, well, get splatted by the Range Blaster again.

I tidy up on my way back, hoping this helps someone, and have a Seeker unintentionally act as a decoy. Then lots of Seekers come in handy, getting a couple of splats, and giving me a path to get a third. I may have ignored the Rainmaker to do it, but we have an inky route now, which a squidmate tries to take advantage of. But we're both splatted by a Splat Bomb when we're close to retaking the lead.

With seconds remaining, a super-jump seems to be the only option for potential victory. My landing is anticipated. But I super-jump again, with even fewer seconds left, landing safely as we enter extra time. Thankfully, my squidmates are there, and I add a Seeker to help burst the Rainmaker's Shield.

My ego takes over, and I grab the Rainmaker myself, then bump against a wall that turns less teal and more orange. A little Rainmaker burst corrects that, and I get up the wall, thanks to excellent cover from my squidmates. And, with that little push, we sneak the lead back, in extra time, for the victory! Woomy!

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