Good moves and bad in Rainmaker (10-8, Zink Mini Splatling)

24th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

That Disruptor throw wasn't too bad a move. Running backwards in to the Splat Bomb was pretty bad, though. Trying to splat the Inkzooka would be a good move, but not when she's on our team, and doing so lets the other team burst the Rainmaker Shield, splatting us both. That one's one me.

Flanking the green team as we recover the Rainmaker works well, and forging a path ahead isn't such a bad idea. It's a terrible idea of my squidmate to head up the side corridor, though, as it forces you down one route, which is also a choke-point. Of course, we lose the Rainmaker and are in a horrible position.

It's a good idea to ambush the super-jumping inkling, but maybe I could have squidded down early to hide in the ink. The splat goes the wrong way. I like that side route, and will keep using it. Running in to a really obvious Suction Bomb isn't going to stop me either. Directly supporting the Rainmaker has me diverting, though.

I don't know where the Rainmaker goes. I would turn back to look for it, but I have my tentacles full keeping the path ahead purple. I am trusting my squidmates to recover the Rainmaker and make use of the ink I'm spreading. I even get a couple of splats, assisting a squidmate with a third. But the Rainmaker was grabbed by the green team and moved in the wrong direction.

We get the Rainmaker back nice and quickly, and I head back to the other side of the underpass nice and quickly, getting two splats nice and quickly too. It helps that a green inkling was launching an Inkstrike, and I imagine his splat puddle covered his squidmate a bit. But still the purple Rainmaker is reluctant to squid forwards. Why, squidmate, why?

My timing with the Mini Splatling may have been a bit off when going back for the Rainmaker, but the Bubbler was popped at just the right moment. I help burst the Shield and move to grab the Rainmaker, to push it forwards aggressively for once, but a squidmate beats me to it. And then heads up the side corridor again. Dammit.

The move fools the green team briefly, but as soon as he reaches the chokepoint he is quickly splatted. I move up the short route to try to recover the Rainmaker, and although I stop the green push my aim lets me down against a silly jumping inkling long enough to be stopped myself. At least I stop the jumping too.

Time is running out, but at least we have one last push with the Rainmaker, and it's taken out of that corridor. But it's still not pushed forwards. Maybe the green team are just really good at defence. Either way, with only minor frustrations, it was quite a fun battle.

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