Holding back the knockout in Rainmaker (11-9, Zink Mini Splatling)

24th August 2017 – 7.00 am

Man, I still can't throw Disruptors reliably, my first attempt in this battle hitting the floor at my feet. That most contribute a little to my getting splatted, but I could have backed off too. So it goes. My second throw does much better, catching two inklings, and it's only bad luck that one of them turns in to a Kraken to avoid the penalty.

Somehow, I avoid the Kraken a couple of times, throw another Disruptor that hits, but don't quite time the transformation back in to inkling, and get splatted by the third passing of the Kraken, whatever the Splat Bomb thinks happened. Not a great start, overall. At least I get a splat on my return, hiding behind a wall to stay safe, then easily predicting the inklings coming up the block.

My Bubbler keeps me safe and convinces the second inkling to retreat, but we're still in a poor position as a team, the Rainmaker looking quite purple and close to the podium. It comes forwards a bit more, and we team up to splat it. Now the Rainmaker's in a better position for us, and we burst the Shield with some pressure pushing back the purple team. I decide to grab it and head back on to the ledge and down the other side, taking the shortcut.

I get quite far with the Rainmaker, using a couple of short bursts and squidding. Then I remember that my running speed is boosted, with my Mini Splatling kit, and there is a fair bit of uninked turf back in this uncontested area, so I leg it. I think I do quite well, considering the current state of the battle. But, and although I don't know it yet, it should be noted that we have permanently lost an inkling. We are going to be continually on the back foot.

I don't quite get to sneak behind the Rainmaker for a splat, my Disruptor manages to hit a damned telegraph pole, and although I get the Dual Squelcher out of the way, the Rainmaker comes up behind me. That's bad for splatting me, and being really close to the podium. The Inkstrike saves us for a few more seconds. A good Disruptor and sneaky squidding saves us for a few more again. We've got two more minutes of this.

If I've learnt anything from battling, it's that unexpected angles often work. I get a couple of splats and stop the Rainmaker again because of this. Another splat comes from bursting the Shield, and a squidmate grabs the Rainmaker and runs with it. Squids with it. Whatever. I go along to help! We do really well, even if I say so myself, getting the Rainmaker back past half-way and splatting most of the purple team between us. I get a bit carried away with forging ahead, but realise that the Rainmaker has been lost and turn back.

The remaining purple inkling is canny, waiting for me to go for the Rainmaker to splat me. I hoped he wasn't paying attention, but there you go. And here they come again. I don't get suckered in to squidding in to the Rainmaker's blast, but my timing with the Mini Splatling lets me down under pressure. At least I stop the Rainmaker.

We somehow push the battle in to extra time. We're not going to win this, so I just try to keep the purple inklings at bay. It almost works, but a trade isn't too shabby, really. And preventing the knockout loss is not a bad achievement when playing a squid down.

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