It's all a bit quiet in Tower Control (8-3, Tri-slosher)

25th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

That slightly extended intro seems ominous, but I think little more of it, seeing chargers on the blue team, and make a beeline towards the usual perch. There's a charger there, but they drop, or fall, so I have to give chase. Or wait a moment, and she pops up. No one else is around, so I hop on the Tower and, well, there remains no one else around. For quite a while.

Finally, the chargers find me and start taking potshots, which I manage to avoid with a bit of dodging. I splat one of the chargers but run out of ink for the other, recharging my tank by popping the Bubbler not really helping. And I have to chase the Tower now, as no one else has got one. Where is everyone else?

I push the Tower a bit further, splat one of the chargers again, but am picked off by the other. Everything looks very green from our base. Maybe an inkling is missing, but it's hard to know who. I squid here and there, sticking with the Tower Control battle, and keep mostly out of trouble, until the Roller catches me sloshing for a charger.

I would have thought a couple of good sloshes would splat the Tower rider, but the Kraken transformation is triggered first. There's not much I can do about that, so I wait. Then I splat the inkling. I follow that with the Roller, and chase the other charger around the corner, and think about the Tower. But it's playing its merry jingle, so a squidmate is on there. I move to support instead. My Disruptor hits, but the E-litre 3K's aim is good.

The Tower keeps moving, and I squid along the side and over the ramp to support it. I head on to the walkway and, thanks to an Echolocator, see an inkling coming my way. A few sloshes splats that threat, and I move down the ramp to help the Tower. It doesn't need my help, but I like standing on it as we reach the goal anyway.

It looks like both teams lost an inkling early, hence the empty feeling of Kelp Dome. I'm not sure who had the advantage. It feels like we did, as the other team lost an Aerospray to leave two chargers and a Roller, but we were left with a charger, Hydra Splatling, and my bucket, which is hardly a lot of ink power. Either way, it was an interesting experience.

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