Very splatty Rainmaker (11-8, Zink Mini Splatling)

25th August 2017 – 7.00 am

Not focussing fully on the Rainmaker's Shield generally helps, as splatting an opposing inkling will reduce the incoming ink from the other team. I get a nice splat in this vein to start the battle, and move up to find a second splat as I hear my ink hit something. I move up a bit too much, to be honest, but I get the splat and survive. The team gangs up on a super-jumper, then we're on the move.

The Rainmaker support gets further than the Rainmaker, and lasts longer, but together we take a commanding lead, even when too many bombs of different types fly in. Pushed back, the yellow team's ink is quite concentrated, so I ink a new path for us on my next return. That leads me to the inklings with a charged Bubbler, which gets me a couple of splats, stopping the Rainmaker in the process.

I decide to carry the Rainmaker, being next to it, and, after a bit of trouble with a wall, push it back to a decent position, but not too far. I super-jump back but, as I start the jump, I see an Inkstrike aimed at where I'm landing. I think I'm a gonna, but I guess the ink swirls outwards, and I land in the eye of the Inkstrike. I survive! Not for long, but longer than I expected.

Yeah, I chose completely the wrong time and tactic with that jump towards the Rainmaker. I dunno what I was thinking. I come back to ink the third path, for convenience, which again finds me a yellow inkling to splat and the Rainmaker to recover. I find another splat on the flank, and push forwards, Bubbler popped, in support of a Rainmaker that has already been dropped. It's good that I neutralise the Suction Bomb, but I'm still in the wrong place.

I go back to be in the right place, and take a direct hit from an Inkzooka in support. That probably helps a lot more than my still poor Disruptor throws. I grab the Rainmaker again, but don't get far. The Inkzooka easily beats the Rainmaker's blast for speed, but I get some revenge with the impressive range of a charged Rainmaker.

With ten seconds to go, we just need to keep the Rainmaker out of yellow tentacles, and that happens even without my help. A pretty convincing victory for us.

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