Disrupting in Tower Control (11-6, Tri-slosher)

26th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I quite like scoped chargers, mostly when I'm aiming to flank them. They don't know I'm coming until the ink hits, and then it's too late. My position after hitting the E-litre 3K is good for clambering on to the Tower too, as the other purple inklings aren't around. I don't get too far, but it's a start.

I aim for the other flank next, which is a bit more involved and makes me more vulnerable. But it is also a little less expected, as shown by running in to an inkling coming the other way. But the vulnerable nature of the route is obvious when a returning inkling splats me. I get the E-litre 3K at the same time, at least.

Going back the conventional flank finds a Slosher, and dropping down bamboozles him a little. I aim for the perch again, where there appears to be just a Beakon, but the E-litre 3K is hiding. He squids away, I chase and Disrupt, and he sensibly super-jumps away. The Slosher returns, and shows what a bigger bucket can do.

The Tower's moved a bit more, which is good, so I hang back to clean up some purple mess, and move up to push back the E-litre 3K, before moving right around to finish the splat. A squidmate pushes the Tower again, which is good, and I hold back to see if anyone comes over the block. Not yet.

I move to head around the other way. I see it now, but not during the battle, but a super-jumper heads behind our lines. I'm sure they have a long-term plan, but our control of the Tower isn't being stopped as they ink our side of the dome. I head over to support the push, helping it get a bit further, but also get distracted by the chaos of being so close to the goal, that the Tower is cleared and trundles back the way it came.

My path takes me along the route of the purple interlopers. I have the chance to splat her, but my sloshing lets me down, and I become double-teamed. I see our charger is concerned about the inklings still on my return, so I move to help, and get an opportunistic splat. The other inkling has a Bubbler for protection, but a bit of movement and luck, and I clear our side of the dome.

There's still lots of purple ink around, but my squidmates help well with clearing that up. I hit the flank again, destroying some Beakons, and although my Disruptor hits, the Slosher has enough ink in the tank to splat me back. But that's okay. There's little time left in the battle, and our lead sticks. A win for our team. Woomy!

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