Hitting the sides for the knockout in Tower Control (10-4, Tri-slosher)

26th August 2017 – 7.00 am

Ooh, a charger on the other team. Can I surprise her on the usual perch? Nope, doesn't look like she's there. There are inklings beneath me, though, and I have a bucket. My sloshing doesn't quite work out as intended this time. But I get back on the grating to help stop the Tower, not that my squidmates need help with that, and get one splat. My ink hitting an inkling makes me push for a second, but my ink runs out as I find the Splatterscope.

Not my best start. But hitting the flank a second time goes a bit better, running in to the back of one inkling immediately. I have to use my Bubbler to get a second splat, which is fine, and I lose track of another inkling, but I'm off the mark now.

The Tower starts moving forwards, so after a little ink to discourage teal inklings from coming our way, I move ahead to support it. A little light flanking gets a couple of neat splats, and a third at the expense of my own splatting. I'll take it, as the Tower continues moving.

I super-jump back, hopping off the Tower to push for splatty support. But that doesn't work when we all hop off. It helps to prevent being splatted, which we do, and then we get back on the Tower to push it forwards again. Me and another inkling, yep, which means I can hop off again to provide sloshing support.

My flanking goes well, sneaking to the side of a Splash Wall to get a nice double splat, and although I don't survive at the end, the other team are fully splatted as the Tower trundles on. I like to think that helps, particularly as the Tower hits the goal before I can even super-jump back to it. Victory to us, woomy!

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