Punitive splats in Rainmaker (10-7, Tri-slosher)

28th August 2017 – 7.00 am

That's a nice Disruptor to start the battle, but I don't count on there being two other inklings supporting the Disrupted one. And we're already being infiltrated by the time I am back in the battle, giving us some housekeeping to perform. At least the Rainmaker doesn't get too far.

I grab the Rainmaker at just about the wrong time, and my aiming with its blasts doesn't help much. I do well to burst its shield on my return and be cautious of the purple inklings around me, but my confidence in getting a splat means I don't use my Bubbler. I really should use it regardless, though.

There's a disappointing sight as I come back. A purple inkling has decided that the best tactic is to deny us access to the Rainmaker. That's unsporting, and against the spirit of inkling battles. I don't care how effective it is. These people need to be splatted.

I make a beeline for the Rainmaker, and even though it self-destructs before I get there, returning itself to the middle of the depot, I am in a good position to punish the purple inklings for allowing this. The Roller is first to face my punitive bucket, swiftly followed by two more of the three inklings that all swarm out of their base at once. I get the feeling they were all around the Rainmaker when it exploded.

The Roller comes back for more, so I mete out another punitive splat, and don't really mind that I get splatted in the process. My squidmates took the lead already. I come back to Disrupt the Rainmaker, discouraging any quick progress, and follow that up by splatting them, after which I get myself in to a position to show my displeasure with the purple team.

Surviving the next splat catches me a little by surprise, by with it comes a charged Bubbler. I also realise that the Rainmaker is being carried in the wrong direction, and turn around, but just as it is stopped by my squidmates. Now what do I do. I track back and splat it completely unexpectedly, that's what.

Some more tracking around, laying down green ink, gets me back to the contested Rainmaker. The Shield splats one inkling, and a squid around the back gets two splats for myself. I give the Rainmaker another carry, gladly increasing our lead a little, but am stopped soon enough. There's a good tussle for the Rainmaker in that corner for a bit, but the purple team carry it out eventually, sending the battle in to extra time.

My eagerness to splat the Rainmaker and end the battle gets me splatted, and the purple team get close to snatching the lead back, but my squidmates secure our victory. Woomy! Maybe the purple team should have made better use of their earlier time with the Rainmaker.

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