Splatty Resort Rainmaker (17-9, Tri-slosher)

28th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

A bit of a pause and a good Disruptor throw gets me in to a great position for some early splats, and I move forwards aggressively enough to get splatted soon after. We have the lead, though. Puddle-hopping my way back looks like it's going to work, but a bit of bad timing nearly gives me a heart attack as I reach the teal team.

Some more patience, as the Rainmaker moves tentatively forwards, finds more opportunity, but pushing for a third splat puts me in another inkling's sights. A flanking move nearly works on my return, but my ink gives me away a little too early. I try to cover our rear as the Rainmaker is grabbed, but the teal inkling goes for a swim instead. That works for me.

I have to turn around from a push to help defend again, which is just as well, as I was pushing in the wrong direction to the Rainmaker. But my position lets me get the jump on the teal Rainmaker, before I'm blasted back to base. The Blaster doesn't last much longer either, himself a victim of the water.

The Splattershot is a tempting target on the block. It's a pity she moves, and that I lose track of her. So it goes. I take the long route back to the Rainmaker, nearly losing sight of it, and catch up just as the carrier is splatted. I don't think I need to work on the shield, so I turn to look for splatting opportunities. A couple super-jump, which is nice, and my squidmates start pushing the Rainmaker again.

As we get over the perilous ledge, I pop my Bubbler to help our survival. It works quite well, and we carry the Rainmaker a bit further than before. Not all the way to the podium, though, and I have to turn as the teal pressure increases, and sensibly sneak around the Rainmaker for protection. The teal team pull out a Killer Wail, though, as my squidmates super-jump in. At least the Rainmaker shield splats two of them.

The teal team cross the resort quickly, but we get to them quickly too and stop the current push. But rather than return the Rainmaker, a squidmate decides to hold it for protection. That doesn't always work, and can be risky. As the battle enters extra time, with the Rainmaker at the bottom of the main corridor to the podium, I hope this won't backfire on us.

I get a couple of splats in defence, but the teal team still splat the Rainmaker, and as a Killer Wail is pulled out I get a little concerned for our lead. But a squidmate has clearly got in to a good position, forcing an adjustment of the Killer Wail, and almost certainly dropping down nicely to grab the Rainmaker to end the battle. Woomy!

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