Rolling a squid down in Rainmaker (10-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

29th August 2017 – 7.00 am

Whee, three Rollers! This can't go wrong. It goes well immediately, when the blue team ignore the Seeker trails, allowing me to get one slightly lucky splat, and roll around the container to get a second. The blue Roller eludes me, but is splatted by a squidmate, allowing us to get started on the Rainmaker. It's a short push, but a positive start none the less.

Sadly, the blue team regain control, thanks to some good inking and a bit of arsing around by a green squidmate. My ink-resistant shoes don't let me catch up with the blue Rainmaker quickly enough, and he's up and over the block to take the lead. We get the Rainmaker back, but my attempt to help the push goes awry when I'm only followed by a canny blue inkling.

I don't think resetting the Rainmaker is a good move, not with the centre of the warehouse covered in blue ink. Sure enough, the blue team get control again, but at least my Seeker Rush charges, sending the Rainmaker backwards first, then stopping the push, and inking a decent amount of turf.

We grab the Rainmaker back, and again I get a little ahead of everyone else. But I get in to a good position all the same, and another Seeker Rush helps consolidate our immediate position. Better still, I can move in, grab the Rainmaker, and take the lead just before the blue Roller throws himself at me.

Hmm, that inkling on our base doesn't look good for us. But we can't linger on that, so I move on. I don't manage to ink the tiny block at my feet, so look to get rid of some incoming blue ink rather than stop the Rainmaker. I help a little. And, yeah, that inkling is out of action. That's unfortunate, but it happens. At least I make it up that tiny block this time.

The Rainmaker is stuck in our side corridor. That's actually not so bad for us. It's not too difficult to defend, as long as we aren't flanked, so I keep myself moving to protect the direct route. I miss an Inkstrike in progress, sadly, but catch the super-jumper, and a squidmate moves the Rainmaker back in to the open after that, making some good progress that I don't quite help with, despite my efforts.

I manage to stay just far enough away from the Rainmaker's bursting shield, but with an Inkstrike hitting behind us we have to move forwards. A pair of Seekers helps with this, although I do accidentally pick up the Rainmaker as a result, which doesn't go well. And our absent squid is gone now. That doesn't seem to matter too much, though.

A blue inkling is looking to force us backwards, but as he keeps me cautious, a squidmate has grabbed the Rainmaker and taken it most of the way to the podium. Nice! All that's left to do is defend. I sit and watch the Rainmaker's progress, getting a Seeker splat accidentally, and move to strike with enough precision to end the battle. Woomy!

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