Super-fast Walleye Warehouse Rainmaker (3-1, Carbon Roller Deco)

29th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

My first Seeker isn't great, hitting the wall on the ramp, but once I have enough ink for the next it carries me past the Rainmaker, where one inkling doesn't expect me, and the other doesn't react quickly enough.

As a squidmate carries the Rainmaker, I indulge in some mutually assured splatting with another Roller. I super-jump back as the squidmate looks to be ready to dunk the Rainmaker, but he's splatted feet away from doing so.

The Rainmaker regenerates, and I splat the other Roller from a position of safety this time, before moving up to push one inkling back and, remembering what we're doing, ink the podium a bit.

I don't think my squidmate needed my ink on the podium, but it's good to feel like you've helped, particularly in such a quick battle.

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