Early dunking, but good splats in Squad Splat Zones (13-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

30th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm pairing up with AceThunder for some more squad battles, Splat Zones again. I pull out my Carbon Roller Deco, and promptly forget how to jump, landing me in the drink. I hope no one saw that. I remember how to jump soon enough, bagging me my first splat in the process, but the Haunting I get discourages me from neutralising the Splat Zone.

My jumping is on point now. I ink, squid, and hop over the water like I've been doing this my whole life. I think I'll be spotted heading around the back, given I was being shot at, but an Inkstrike hits handily where I'm going, providing me cover and forcing a green inkling to take avoiding action. His hop back hops him in to my Roller.

There's no one on the perch when I jump on to it, but rolling around for another attempt catches up with a brush, which is nice. It's a shame I miss the other inkling on the ground, as my second flick keeps me close to their Splat Bomb. Still, we now have a healthy lead, letting me waste a Seeker, which I clearly would have aimed better had we been under pressure.

The green team recapture the Splat Zones, though. A good lead lets me bide my time, and I jump back in to the fray at a good moment, helping get one splat and sneaking up on the Luna Blaster afterwards. I may as well use my Seeker Rush, as I'm haunted, and it may just put enough pressure on the brush to force the drop in to the water, and it certainly catches the Luna Blaster by surprise. But that means I'm haunted again.

Sneaking around the back doesn't get me splatted, but doesn't find anyone either. They're all in the Splat Zones, I think. I go to help out there again, which just gets me haunted yet again. Everything seems calm for a short while, though, so I roll around until I find trouble. That comes in the form of a Kraken. Not much I can do about that.

Following a Seeker to apply some pressure to the returning green inklings almost works, then almost goes badly, and ends up working fairly well, even if it ends up with my being splatted. Control of the Splat Zones is ours, then theirs, and a lucky Seeker splat helps us take back control, and a mutual splat leaves a green puddle in my wake, helping them retake control. Still we have a good lead, though.

The brush tries to catch me behind my Seeker, but I'm not there. Another Seeker catches the brush, though, and I follow with a Seeker Rush. Two Splat Bombs roll my way, but they don't really concern me. Well, the one coming from behind does, as that means an inkling is behind me. It's the Luna Blaster, and she doesn't wait for her Splat Bomb to splat me.

Now our lead is threatened, and it takes some decent manoeuvring to reduce the inky pressure from both sides. A few splats later, and the green team is temporarily wiped out, making it simple for us to ink the Splat Zones purple. That gives the green team a big buffer, and almost assures our victory. But it was close.

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