So many splats in Rainmaker (19-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

30th August 2017 – 7.00 am

Going around the back could be said to be ignoring the objective, but it is normally good for getting splats, and splats can often help advancing the objective, as long as your team is in control. Thankfully, a squidmate grabs the Rainmaker and pushes as I come up behind the yellow inklings. There's not much left to splat, though, and it looks like we could get an early dunk.

My squidmates look to have everything in hand, so rather than clumping together, I head around the side, to support from a different angle. My Seeker Rush comes in handy, even from the limited angle, as the Splatling walks back in to it. I push a bit high afterwards too, but still last longer than I really ought.

The Rainmaker still is not sitting on the podium. The yellow inklings are being nicely stubborn and combative. I return to hit a different side, and have to pause as an Aerospray appears ahead of me. A Seeker helps me get close when he's not looking, though. I'm glad I slip off the ramp when flicking ink at the Splatling too, but the Rainmaker is now heading the wrong way, so I must turn around.

Nope, my squidmates have the situation covered, so I head back and lurk, almost unsportingly, except the Rainmaker squids past me. That's alright then. I would say I waste my Seeker Rush on bursting the Rainmaker out of its shield with three Seekers, but after I realise I'm losing the range battle with the Splatling, I run in to the Splat Roller, pretty much literally.

I find the Roller again, flicking ink down on me this time, but it keeps me honest, particularly after my three attempts to splat the Splatling sitting beneath me like a fat duck. The Roller continues rolling, making good inky paths for her team, and I'll take credit for seeing her transform in to a Kraken, which is why I head down the side, and not just because I'm generally contrary.

My long path is perhaps misguided, as the Rainmaker is going the other way, but I get lucky again by stopping an Inkstrike. My Seekers aren't quite so lucky this time, as the Splatling sidesteps to avoid them all easily. The Rainmaker is back in our tentacles, but I don't think I agree with our squidmate running backwards with it. I hope he's just hitting the side route, but it's a risky move, with the inkable block there and all.

A splat here and there, as I push forwards, finds the Rainmaker having followed me, so all is good. It's out of territory that could offer an easy and quick push for the lead. But the battle isn't yet over. Some ink splatters my way, but that warning and some cover let's me pull off a smooth one-two, after which I cover the yellow inklings tracks a bit. A Seeker Rush helps me do that a bit more, and splat the Rainmaker by accident.

The Rainmaker is burst free again, and I push forwards aggressively, still hoping for the knockout. I get caught up flicking ink on top of a crate, until I realise how vulnerable that makes me, so I roll around instead, which ends up being good timing for me. Rushing further forwards lets me walk through a Kraken too, which is nice.

On top of that, enough inky pressure has finally been applied, and a squidmate squids up the podium to dunk the Rainamker for the knockout! Woomy!

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