Making quick work of Squad Splat Zones (6-1, Tri-slosher)

1st September 2017 – 7.00 am

The Splat Zones are around here somewhere. Actually, I think I went past them. Never mind, I've found a charger to splat, and I slosh the back of the Roller as our Roller splats him too. A Blaster is hitting me from below, though, so I back off, which is good timing, as a brush joins in the early mayhem too.

I survive the brush, just about, and charge my Bubbler, just about, but don't activate it in time to stop the Blaster from catching up with and splatting me. So it goes. We still have the Splat Zones. I head back down the side to have one of the most satisfying splats, catching an Inkzooka from behind.

I follow the ink to try to come up behind the Kelp Splatterscope again, but run in to two other inklings as I round the block. I'm probably just as surprised I survive the inking as the Roller, the second's pause being because I thought I was a puddle.

I return to my sense and look for the Kelp Splatterscope, but she's been splatted already, it seems. As I'm up here, and the Splat Zones remain blue, I push ahead a little, happy for my Bubbler as I hit the brush immediately.

Another inkling squids beneath me, but I'm aiming for the Splatterscope. She's on a high perch, though, definitely out of my range. A Disruptor should slow her down a bit, at least, and I squid through the grate out of harm's way, to go back and ink the Splat Zones a bit more.

That last splat was all that was needed. The Splat Zones remain blue, our counter hits zero, and we win the battle in quick time. Woomy! Maybe I can get out of B+ again soon.

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