Splats here and there in Rainmaker (9-3, Splatterscope)

1st September 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm in B+! This seems like a good time to practice with the Splatterscope. I've not played a scoped charger for a while, so hopefully the zooming won't be distracting, and I think the extra range will be required for bridging the gap across Moray Towers. But there's an E-litre 3K on the other team, which completely out-ranges my puny charger, so I don't go near the normal perch to start.

My first shot could have been a good one, but I am still tensing up on release. I never have quite got the hang of being calm, hence this practice. But I've also been noticed, so I can't be blasé about my shots. Laying down some ink from cover should be helpful, one way or another, so I do that, rather more than aiming at inklings. At least I can hit the floor reliably.

Falling off the ledge wasn't part of the plan, and it has my scrabbling to get back as Splat Bombs are tossed my way. I soon get back to doing not very much, though, even when a Slosher heads my way. I try throwing a Splat Bomb, but apparently I can't hit the floor reliably. Luckily, I have a Splat Bomb Rush to throw lots of them. Eventually one hits.

It looks safe to burst the Rainmaker free, but looks can be deceiving. Thankfully, I pull off the pressure shot, which is good. The push with the Rainmaker isn't as smooth, my Splat Bomb rolling short, not having enough ink to throw another, and ending up standing next to an inkling not quite on my team. So it goes.

I'm not quite sure what happens when we lose the Rainmaker, but as I get close to the action we've taken the lead. Nice! The lead isn't much, so I take a pragmatic decision to cover the yellow ink leading over to our side, to hopefully slow down a new advance, and to give me somewhere to sit in support. Not direct support, I suppose, but I'd probably only get splatted if I got too close.

I move forwards just in time, as an unexpected charged shot flings ink my way. At least she's given away her position, and I am distracting her from my squidmates, who've fought well to recover the Rainmaker and squid up the wall with it. I take the opportunity to sneak around the side, and although I give away my position too, the unexpected pressure gives me a second opportunity for a splat.

I miss my next shot, which is quite bad given the stationary target, but fluke splatting the incoming super-jumper, which is something. I start my Splat Bomb Rush at a bad time, though, with a Suction Bomb next to me. A squidmate gets some squishy revenge immediately. I return to spreading ink until forced off my perch, and make the best of my position until forced away again, which is pretty soon. I still get a decent Rainmaker splat. Two, in fact, before a Splat Bomb Rush stops me effectively.

The yellow team are putting us under good pressure in the last thirty seconds, and they probably don't have too far to go to snatch the victory. Well, once they get up the wall, and I'm really happy not to miss that shot. Hitting the jumping Splat Bomb Rusher is excellent too, although I'm a little disappointed that I cover the ledge the other charger is on without getting the splat, but so it goes.

With seconds to go, the yellow team try one more push. I don't splat the Rainmaker, but inking the wall prevents progress effectively, and a squidmate ends the battle. Not too shabby with the Splatterscope, but I doubt I'm A-class with it at the moment.

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