Weird glitching in Rainmaker (10-5, Splatterscope)

2nd September 2017 – 7.00 am

In retrospect, that Slosher is not fully on the base at the opening of the battle. I doubt I thought anything of it at the time, and I took the weird glitching to perhaps be an artefact I'd not seen before, because of map, mode, and weapon combination. I think nothing more of a for a while, and just practice my Splatterscoping for a bit, with some measure of success.

The next clue I also don't see at the time, but the Slosher floats in front of me as I splat the opposite charger, disappearing in a puff of dust. That becomes a motif of the battle, as it turns out. They are clearly doing something squiffy. It works against them after I grab the Rainmaker and make a push.

The path to the grating isn't clear, so I try to blast my way ahead, which somehow manages to catch the glitching, and almost certainly hacking, Slosher. The problem is that they made their way quite a distance outside of the depot, and when the Kraken catches me, the Rainmaker is, for some reason, reset where no one can get it. I think my reaction to this captures my confusion.

I'm able to burst the Rainmaker, but it doesn't seem to do any good. I'm not quite sure what to do. I would be upset with the Slosher for being naughty, and I kinda am, but we are in the lead and the Rainmaker is unreachable and can't be reset. I think we've won, almost by default. Not that winning is the aim of hackers, I suppose.

I guess we just battle each other. I beat the yellow charger for another opposed splat, which is good, and it would have been good to splat the brush, who was standing still, given my bad timing in charging the shot, but the pressure got to me. That Inkzooka never hit me, though. But so it goes with Inkzookas.

I think the Slosher is still trying to get to the Rainmaker, but the game looks to be registering his movement as falling too far, so I doubt it will work. So with the Rainmaker out of commission, why not take advantage of everyone looking the wrong way? Good idea! I head in the other direction to hopefully surprise some inklings. It goes quite well!

I would be happier with the double-splatting Splat Bomb if one of the splats weren't the hacking Slosher, but it's still two splats. I'll take it. It looks like my squidmates want to get in on this action too, which pleases me. But I'm soon pushed back, not really being in the best place for a long-range weapon, but I get a very nice splat on the unsuspecting charger hiding in her ink on the brick wall.

Some more glitching, a few missed shots, and not failing to jump over a Kraken but getting splatted anyway, and the battle is over. It was an experience.

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