Could go either way in Splat Zones (11-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

6th September 2017 – 7.00 am

My standard gambit in Camp Triggerfish Splat Zones with the Carbon Roller Deco works well again, and I turn away from our Splat Zone with supernatural timing to avoid being splatted. Hopefully this is a good omen, but I'm sure it's just luck. I look to cover some blue ink, then head over the bridge, where a Slosher is waiting in just the right position. It's too bad my Seeker Rush isn't more effective, though.

Everything looks good for the moment, so I sit somewhere safe and ink some turf outside the Splat Zones for a while. Maybe I should be doing more, actively stopping the blue inklings from contesting the Splat Zones. Or maybe where I am is good, so that I can stop our Splat Zone from being contested. That is, unless the Tri-slosher squids under my Carbon Roller, pops her Bubbler, and splats me out of the way.

Thankfully, a squidmate does better against the Tri-slosher than me, but we've lost the blue Splat Zone. Heading around the side to contest it again looks like it could be awkward, as most of the turf is blue. I don't want to squid in to a hiding inkling, so take some care as I go. That may have saved my squidmate too, but, then again, it doesn't really save me. A bit more skill may have.

Now both Splat Zones are blue. Circumstances don't look desperate yet, but we need to assert ourselves a bit. Lots of bombs being thrown over the gap don't help, particularly when you roll right in to one. Maybe a bit of height will help, so, with a brief pause for an Inkstrike, I head around the side to get on to the fence. Well, I suppose it helps, but just a second too late. We've lost the lead.

I get back across the bridge and launch a good Seeker Rush, but feel a bit guilty for splatting the Tri-slosher as she jumps down from the base. I turn away to not be quite so unsporting, and help protect the Splat Zones. It doesn't go so well, as the super-jumping Slosher does some good sloshing. The sloshing extends across the gap too, and the Splat ones turn blue again.

Super-jumping towards the blue Splat Zone helps contest it, and I learn from earlier and move away from the Suction Bomb, but I have a weird moment when I don't ink. I don't think that's related to my getting splatted by two inklings, though. I go back the same way, and get a bit lucky with the Slosher covering our green ink, but I'll take it, particularly as my futile reaching for Seekers gets me caught in blue ink, and an inkling's sights.

Fifteen seconds to go, and my squidmates capture the Splat Zones. Nice! Can we hold them for long enough, as the battle enters extra time, to snatch the lead back for the victory? A decent flanking move, and waiting for the super-jumper, gives us a nice inkling advantage for a bit, at least. A Seeker Rush charges at the right time too, but the ink is being sloshed down from above.

My Carbon Roller can't reach high enough to splat the inkling, so I focus instead on keeping the Splat Zone green, which is perhaps more important than a splat right now. My squidmates splat the Tri-slosher, though, which helps, and moments later our buffer is gone, our counter continues, and victory is ours! Woomy!

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