A few good moments in Rainmaker (9-6, Hero Charger Replica)

8th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

My charger skills are still not great. Sure, I splat the Kelp Splatterscope, but I have to take that extra second to make sure of my aim, which lets my target spot me, and splat me back. But my squidmates grab the Rainmaker. I drop down to provide closer support for the push, but the push is as short-lived as my evasive manoeuvres are effective. I suppose I coincidentally dodged the Kraken, though.

We're being forced back on two fronts when the purple team make their push. The Rainmaker may not get far, but its support is pushing aggressively. One Splat Bomb catches an inkling below, but the Squiffer has inked a path right to the podium, which blocks my attempt at a second Splat Bomb splatting. The twinkle-toed Squiffer evades my puny aim too, and comes at me as a Kraken. I dodge him a second time, which is something, but I'm not sure it puts me in a better position.

I do my best to make a mess and a nuisance of myself, which a Splat Bomb Rush helps with. By keeping moving and not stopping to get a splat that isn't guaranteed, diving over the ramp and not focussing on the Kelp Splatterscope, I keep myself unsplatted. A squidmate has grabbed the Rainmaker as well, so I try to provide a little support. Getting splatted by the Squiffer doesn't qualify, but I splat the Splattershot first. I like to think that helps my squidmate sneak the lead.

I tidy up after the Squiffer, to stop some quick purple progress, as my squidmates apply more Rainmaker pressure. This lets me be in a good position as the Rainmaker comes back our way, with a Splat Bomb Rush ready too. The Rainmaker jinks away from all the green ink, and I get a good splat on the Kelp Splatterscope as I move to keep up with it. My Hero Charger Replica doesn't have the range to splat the Rainmaker, nor my throwing arm the power, and I have to make do with becoming a purple puddle after my squidmates deal with the Rainmaker.

Some more tidying is in order, before moving across to see what my squidmates are doing with the Rainmaker. I don't find out, as I'm distracted by the Squiffer making more mess. Despite his speed, I manage to get a good shot as he squids towards me, and I just about get a second shot off before an Inkzooka's blast hits me. Not a bad trade, I'd say. Another double-splat next, defending the next purple push. One neatly rolled Splat Bomb, one shot at the admittedly static Rainmaker. And I don't avoid the blast. Still, it gets some revenge for the squidmate who super-jumped in to the Rainmaker's blast moments before.

With seconds to go, we just have to defend our position. But the Rainmaker is close to taking the lead, and the purple team grab it. I would like to say I get the final splat to end the battle with a good shot, but, as usual, a bit of tension pulls my shot a little. That's okay, a squidmate splats the Rainmaker less than a second later, to win us the battle. Woomy!

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