Forward support in Rainmaker (8-2, Tri-slosher)

9th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

I've still not really got the hang of Hammerhead Bridge. I never really know what route to take, or what works. I fully expect to pop up on the other side of the Rainmaker and be splatted instantly, so it is a nice relief to get one splat and push back a second inkling before that happens.

I try heading around the side next. Not that there's much of a side on the Bridge, which is perhaps why I feel so uncomfortable here. The flanking opportunities seem less. It doesn't help that I get stuck on a lip, but that's just me getting over-excited. At least I don't stay there to get easily splatted.

Moving this way and that pressures the inkling to squid away, and although one slosh hits, I am encouraged to stay where I am by a super-jumper ring. That inkling is splatted nicely, as I'm able to back off slightly to avoid the low-ranged Carbon Roller. The Carbon Roller comes for me, though, but with this much warning and room to retreat, it's a failing proposition.

Moving forwards lands me next to an unaware Hydra Splatling, which is a great place to be for a Tri-slosher, and I see the last inkling below me, the Rapid Blaster than evaded me at first. I drop down and turn, thinking the inkling will be hiding on the wall, but he's still where he was. A Disruptor is often a good idea, but not in this case, where they are trapped and I have a Bubbler charged. To top off my four splats, a squidmate grabs the Rainmaker. Nice!

I fail to squid up the wall, thwarted by a splotch of yellow ink, but maybe it's for the best, with a charger's laser sight hovering near me. I go around and up instead, where a Splash Wall lasts only for a second, the Rainmaker clearing that out of the way. And with two inklings hiding behind a wall, I relish the joys of sloshing.

I just about out-run the Rapid Blaster below me, and do the only thing I really can where I am, with a Killer Wail also blocking me off. I splat the inklings coming out of their base. Sorry about that. I don't last long there, unsurprisingly, but my squidmate with the Rainmaker has pushed forwards nicely, getting the dunk before I'm even transported back to base.

It looks like we had a smurf on our team, and I think they were the Rainmaker carrier. That somewhat diminishes the victory for me. Even so, I had a good battle, which is the main thing.

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