Getting close in Rainmaker (10-7, Tri-slosher)

9th September 2017 – 7.00 am

I don't rush in to things to start with, which makes a nice change. My horribly thrown Disruptor is par for the course, though, but it looks like a squidmate splats the Hydra Splatling for me. Or he gets bored and wanders off. Works for me, as I can get up and behind the orange team. Another Disruptor hits the drink, which is nice, but I move up to get one splat before a Carbon Roller easily gets the draw on me.

I just can't throw Disruptors. I would say I need more practice, but I don't think it helps. At least I don't succumb to the Hydra Splatling's ink, although I have to go a bit out of my way to avoid it. I also pop my Bubbler perhaps without needing to, but that may be better than getting splatted with it charged. From that splat, I chase the Rainmaker and get another splat, before the Carbon Roller out-inks me again. They are quick, but that turn-and-flick to catch my super-jumping inkling is a little insulting.

I do quite well to get the drop on the next orange Rainmaker push, and then very badly indeed to miss them entirely. I deserved to be sloshed. The small patience I show getting around the back again pays off better than last time, splatting the Hydra Splatling completely unawares, before I once again chase the Rainmaker. I think my Disruptor hits, but the Rainmaker squids up the wall pretty quickly, a bit better than I manage to avoid the Inkstrike.

My efforts to support our Rainmaker carrier are well-meaning, but jumping in to the water doesn't really help anyone. I'm actually glad the Slosher splatted me before I hit the water itself. Another Disruptor goes in to the water next, and although it looks like the Hydra Splatling will follow it, he keeps his footing. I just have to slosh him instead. I miss one passing inkling, the super-jumper squids away too quickly, and I don't notice them squidding up the ramp next to me afterwards during the battle. I also don't quite notice the Inkstriker quickly enough to splat them without recovering to splat me back.

And we lose the lead! We had kept the orange inklings back to just about protect our lead up to that point, but they sneak that extra tentacle to snatch it from us with a minute to go. It's still not a huge lead, and there's time left, we may be able to recover. I pull out a few good moves, dropping on the Inkzooka, closing with the Hydra Splatling, and having my Bubbler incidentally active for the super-jumper, which lets me ink a path forwards.

Yes, we get the lead back immediately! Not only that, but we surpass the previous lead by a big margin, and the podium is right there in front of us. Once the Hydra Splatling is splatted, the way forwards looks clear too! Unfortunately, the path behind us turns out to be less than clear. I run out of ink at an inopportune moment too, which gives the orange inklings time to return and lob a Splat Bomb in to a good place.

But we have done more than enough. The Rainmaker stays in its shield, close to the orange podium, as the seconds tick down. Woomy!

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