Not quite blasting to the goal in Tower Control (3-1, Grim Range Blaster)

11th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm planning to go up and around the back of the orange inklings to start the battle, but I think I can do more good by supporting my squidmates more directly. Despite my generally dodgy again, I can get the occasional good shot, and my first direct hit of the battle attests to that, taking the charger pressure off our team.

As can be seen, that was a lucky shot, as my aim lets me down from there. At least I seem threatening enough to be able to evade too much attention, a Killer Wail helping to create the barrier, which also lets me enact my original intention. Up the block and around the side, where two orange inklings are in my sights. Trying to splat both with two indirect hits lets them get away, but one aims for me, giving me another lucky direct hit.

My range and aim let me down again, but at least I'm trying! My luck runs out and I get myself in a sticky position, from which there is no escape. At least I was spared the Inkzooka. Heading down our other flank almost has my running straight in to a Suction Bomb, but my Blaster lets me squid away just in time.

I head up the side and use my Killer Wail in a less than ideal position, but it gets me a splat, and stops the charger for a moment. I push my luck and keep going forwards, turning to get a decent splat on an inkling pressuring the Tower. Ah, that's because the Tower is right there. I jump on to help keep it moving.

Inky pressure appears from two directions as we approach the goal. My first shot is wildly high, my second too low, so I decide to just hide in my ink and hope for the best. It's not a glorious victory, but it's a victory none the less.

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