Frantic flicking in Splat Zones (10-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

13th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

We get to our Splat Zone cleanly enough, and two of us go through it. I turn back, as is normal, to help secure the Splat Zone. The blue team are pushing early to contest it, though. One squidmate succumbs to the ink, and although I repel one intruder, I can't cope with the second popping up. I try to return in a hurry, but land on a well-placed Sprinkler.

Heading back conventionally lets me see a blue inkling heading across the bridge. She pauses for my Seeker to pass, probably looking for a squid, and jumps down when it looks safe. It's not, though. I help neutralise the Splat Zone, before moving up to see what threats approach. With enough warning, and a nice path of ink, I can balls up an ambush.

I move to our side again, where too much blue ink waits. I drop down to launch a safety Seeker, landing on wood, and scootch forwards in to my own ink. One Seeker is too obvious, though, so I launch a second, as a blue inkling comes down the ramp. It looks like she tries to surprise whoever is squidding along the Seeker trail, but instead is surprised by the second Seeker. Nice!

Now there's two of us hitting the flank unopposed. We may lose the lead, but we are in a good position. My Seeker Rush has charged too, so I'm going to use it. One inkling tries to jump over the Rush, but he doesn't have the legs to jump two Seekers, and I dash forwards to launch one more towards the blue base, instead hitting another inkling heading for the Splat Zones. That gets me a 'Nice!' from my splatted squidmate!

I jump down to splat another inkling, giving us all a nice breather to recapture the Splat Zones, and a squidmate a chance to super-jump back in to the action. A Seeker here and there keeps the ink flowing, and the blue inklings guessing. With good control of their Splat Zone, and I can hide and pop out against any inklings coming slowly my way, although an Inkstrike and some good squidding confuses my flicking. At least the inkling is pushed away from the Splat Zone.

The other side of the Splat Zone has a blue inkling threatening, but thanks to a block providing cover I splat her away. I turn back to keep the Splat Zone yellow, and although it looks like I can splat an inkling mid-Bomb Rush, another inkling pops up to surprise me. Back at base, it looks like the blue team were busy trying to deny us access to the Splat Zones. I'm glad it was ultimately unsuccessful.

I move up the Splat Zone, reaching it as blue pressure enters from the other end. Again I use the block for cover, getting one clean splat, a second with a couple of flicks, and hop across the block for a sneaky third, just as we secure the knockout victory. Woomy!

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