By a Nozzlenose in Splat Zones (15-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

14th September 2017 – 7.00 am

Those Sprinklers are tenacious. Long-range weapons also have an obvious advantage in Camp Triggerfish Splat Zones. I doubt my Carbon Roller's flick would reach across the gap at all. But we play to our strengths, so I keep the local turf inked as my squidmates head off to engage the yellow team. At least, until they are splatted, and my position is threatened. I move up, and head to strike, but choose just the moment the Nozzlenose fires. I get the splat, but take a faceful of ink.

Enemies coming over the bridge! Bad timing by that brush, but the Splat Zones are yellow for a second. And more inklings are coming. Carbon Roller versus Carbon Roller has me coming out on top this time, and I bump in to the Brush again, spinning for a squish. I want to move on, but our Splat Zone won't stay yellow. Well, if the other Splat Zone becomes yellow, that would help too.

A yellow inkling comes my way. I lie in wait, but it occurs to me, a bit late, that she is probably building up charge for an Inkstrike. Either way, the element of surprise helps me get the splat, before I act like I've never rolled before when stymied by a simple ramp. I overcome the obstacle and head across the bridge, and stroll forwards to not give my position away.

The Nozzlenose takes a little too much ink to splat, but I get the splat done. That charges my Seeker Rush at just the right time, and I turn and send Seekers all the way towards the yellow base, getting another splat. An Inkzooka threatens from behind, but a nice bit of squidding gets me close. My flick is just a moment too late for me to come out unscathed, though. But both Splat Zones are purple, which is good.

There's too much yellow on our flank. I do something about that, being a little cautious in case a squid is hiding. Not this time, and I have the opportunity to hide. The trap is set, and as a super-jump ring appears it looks like I have two easy splats lined up, but I rather make a mess of it. I decide to super-jump back, to the opposite position, and get the drop on the N-ZAP again, and almost messing it up again. But I manage to roll away this time.

My position lets me send the occasional Seeker towards the yellow base and see the inklings coming. Well, not all of them, as they are smart enough to use the sheltered route, dropping down on top of me to turn me in to a yellow puddle. Nice moves! That Nozzlenose waits for me as I super-jump back, but as a Kraken, which I curiously don't survive. I almost don't make it back again, squidding backwards in to the edge of an Inkstrike, but sneak over the fence to drop down on top of the Nozzlenose. Well, not quite on top, and my flicking skills let me down again. Me, and the team.

At least my position on the fence opened up a new path for my squidmates. I super-jump to one on top of the fence and help try to recover our Splat Zone. When spotted, I drop down to splat one inkling, but not the one I was aiming for, who splats me back, and a squidmate, and recaptures the Splat Zone for the yellow team. Our lead slips away.

As time runs out, I sneak past the N-ZAP to neutralise our Splat Zone, but know that we need to capture both. I move forwards, trusting our Splat Zone to my squidmates, and, well, don't quite get across the bridge. I manage to save myself, but the time cost is frustrating. I get to the yellow Splat Zone with a charged Seeker Rush, and get the Seekers launching, but the Splat Zones remain too yellow to send the battle in to extra time.

I neutralise the yellow Splat Zone, but am splatted in the process, just as time runs out. It was a good battle, with the yellow team managing to dominate at the right time.

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