Getting off the back foot in Splat Zones (9-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

14th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

My standard gambit on Camp Triggerfish Splat Zones works smoothly, and an opportunistic flick gets my first splat, no doubt surprising the purple inkling coming over the wall. With no opposition, I push forwards early, crossing the bridge and dropping down on what looks like an easy splat, but the inkling squids backwards, dropping me in no-man's land.

I squid back to the Splat Zone, and push through it, so that I'm not a big target. I bump in to something, but as they see me coming and I don't see them, they react quicker, popping their Bubbler before I can flick my Roller. That was a quick outing. Now purple pressure is heading towards our base. I do quite well to survive and get the splat, using the ramp to our advantage, but a Burst Bomb flies over the top to splat me all the same.

I super-jump to a squidmate near the purple Splat Zone, almost expecting to be splatted on landing. But my squidmate has an Inkzooka, and another one activates an Echolocator, both helping to keep us safe. We can move up, neutralise the Splat Zone, and, with a charged Seeker Rush, I can return the favour of inking the corridor to the purple team's base. I push up and move around, thinking I'm chasing an inkling, but either I'm not or they evaded me easily. I keep going, but am aware I'll be followed. Sadly, as I turn around to keep myself safe, I'm on the top of a ramp, higher ground not always being an advantage.

Our base looks quite hassled again. I don't rush in to potential trouble, and take a look from a different angle. I nearly drop down to splat the trouble away, but don't quite get the splatting blow. At least the Bubblered inkling doesn't splat me, and I stick around long enough to force them to be splatted or super-jump away. At least that pressure has gone. I manage to get in to and across the Splat Zones, but too much purple ink keeps flying in for us to make much difference.

Instead of trying to continually cover purple ink, I move forwards and across the bridge, hoping to make some splatty difference. An opportunistic Seeker is a good start, taking some pressure off from behind, and, after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, I splat the Splattershot Jr protecting their flank. A twist and turn, and the Carbon Roller above me is splatted too, as my Seeker Rush charges, and we capture both Splat Zones. Nice!

I once again ink the corridor to the purple base, and move along one of the tracks to be a nuisance. I just about catch the returning Splattershot Jr, turning back to the Splat Zones to keep myself safe. Sending a Seeker ahead has it seeking the wall, which indicates there is an inkling behind it. Two, in fact, and they drop down in to the Splat Zones, just in front of me. My flicking is not precise, but it does the job for two more splats.

I head back towards the base, which causes the Splattershot Jr some panic. He ducks and dives, pooping Splat Bombs when he can, but dives when over a grate and goes for a swim. The Splat Zones remain unmolested long enough for us to take the lead. Nice! The purple inklings appear on top of the fence again, but our E-litre 3K splats one, and the other jumps in to my flicking Carbon Roller. Finally, the Splattershot Jr dodges my Seekers with a Bubbler ready, and splats me away.

Our inky pressure continues from across the divide, though, and before I can get back to the action the battle is won. Woomy!

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