A little patience sometimes helps in Splat Zones (12-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

17th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

There's a charger on the other team, so my starting gambit is to head right around the back to see if I can splat them on their perch. She's not on the perch, though, and before I drop down to catch her from behind, a squidmate has done it first. And my other squidmates have taken control of the Splat Zones from the yellow team. I don't think I did much good. At least my Seeker Rush charges, which I use to mediocre effect, before foolishly pressing straight towards an inkling whilst Echolocated. I can do better than this.

I almost take a more direct route back, but divert down the corridor to keep it inked. That plan goes awry too, as I get in to a silly stand-off with the Splatterscope. At least it works for me this time, as my patience for wasting time appears to be greater than hers. I still am a bit reckless when heading for the splat, but I get it. Another Seeker Rush charges too, and I use that more successfully as well. One splat, the Splat Zones covered, but why do I press forwards when Echolocated?!

I sneak around the side and assess the situation. One yellow inkling is splatted, so maybe it's not a good time to head up the ramp. And we're in control of the Splat Zones, so do I need to go anywhere? Actually, yeah, as they are super-jumping past me, it seems. And with the Splatterscope where I can see her, I have an opportunity to do something. My timing to move forwards isn't great, though, but at least I survive the encounter.

I keep moving, and am happy to see the Splatterscope still on the container. I pause at the ledge, to ensure the ink is in place for a smooth jump, and make my move. So satisfying. Dropping down avenges a squidmate too, and the Splat Zones are back under our control. I start laying down more blue ink around the edges, and spy a yellow inkling. My flick hits, but superficially, and by the time I approach from a different angle a Bubbler is up. That could be bad.

Despite the Bubbler, my manoeuvring gets me unnoticed by the inkling, and the Echolocator doesn't matter when my timing works so well with a Seeker Rush. I splat the Bubbler, his friend coming to find me, and throw another one out for luck, which also hits. A little more ink and we recapture the Splat Zones too. Nice! I narrowly miss being splatted by the Splatterscope as well, but push my luck when I push up through a Splat Bomb Rush to splat her mid-Rush. It wasn't her who splatted me, though, so it kinda worked out.

There's too much yellow ink on my return. A Seeker helps, but the corridor seems a better approach. My Seeker hits too, rather unexpectedly, spurring me on to be a little more aggressive. The Killer Wail helps to hide me, but I'm still surprise the yellow inkling doesn't notice my flanking. I have to retreat when Echolocated again, but even that pushes me in to a yellow inkling. There's more to do when I turn around, and although the Splatterscope looks to be sitting on a crate for me, the yellow ink surrounding her is quite protective.

Noticing our lead about to be taken, I push ahead to add some ink to the Splat Zones. They are neutralised just in time, so I try to stop more yellow ink appearing by surprise, but am caught out again by the Splatterscope. That's careless of me. I try to be more sensible on my return, and I kind of am, but the yellow team just won't be stopped. Just paused briefly. So it goes.

Not many splats on the yellow team, but lots of ink. There's something to be learnt from that, I have no doubt.

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