Wail be me in Splat Zones (5-3, Kelp Splat Charger)

17th September 2017 – 7.00 am

The raised corridor seems to be the best route to take for a charger at the start of Port Mackerel Splat Zones. If nothing else, it inks a vital path for later use, should our Splat Zone come under pressure, and it is a nice place to start the battle in itself, to be in a good position and see what early moves each team makes.

My inking gets me close to having a Killer Wail, so I look for some uninked turf to get it charged. But when I do, I realise the angles are all wrong. Dropping down fixes that, and to good effect. It also puts me on the ground, where I can patrol the channels, looking for incursions. All looks good, though, as shown by my squidmates capturing both Splat Zones.

I squid up and throw an opportunistic Sprinkler in to the purple Splat Zone, before inking more paths between the containers. An Echolocator encourages me to retreat to relative safety. Circumstances start to look a bit hairy as the purple team's Specials charge, but our Splat Zone remains unsullied for the most part.

The purple team are on a charge, though, undeterred by being splatted away. Incursions come from multiple angles, and although a Killer Wail splats the E-litre 3K, an Inkstrike and Roller coming from different directions gets me, as well as our Splat Zone, in to trouble. A squidmate tidies up the Inkstrike, however, and I return to my raised perch to help push the purple ink away.

My squidmates are doing a better job than me at splatting the purple team, but at least I can keep the channels inked efficiently. It goes a bit wrong when we are Echolocated and I look down a channel with a purple Kraken headed my way. I just about out-run it, and nearly get a partially charged shot on target, but the miss and my resulting splatting won't make the highlights.

The purple team control the Splat Zones! I rush back to my perch, but pause early, relying on my Splat Chargers range to lay down some ink without compromising my safety, moving up when the Splat Zone turns yellow again. I cover the channels again, miss the Roller by not having enough confidence in an early shot, and eventually get flushed out of the Splat Zone by a simultaneous Inkstrike and Inkzooka double-threat, which gets me squidding right in to trouble.

As the clock runs down, the purple team make a concerted push to control the Splat Zones to take the lead. They do the first, which puts a lot of pressure on us to defend as the battle enters extra time. My shots over the containers help a little, but the purple charger gets wise and sends interfering ink my way.

I move around to the side, hoping to stay hidden and help re-take control of our Splat Zone. It works fairly well, but would work better if the purple inklings were splatted away. My aiming won't do that, but a Killer Wail might. One inkling lets me know where he is by aiming up at me, so I angle the Killer Wail down and splat him away. And, it seems, an inkling super-jumping to him.

With a couple of purple inklings out of the way, and us just needing a little more ink in the Splat Zone, we manage to defend successfully to secure the victory. I even have time for a victory hop. Woomy!

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