Almost knowing when to push in Tower Control (6-2, Tri-slosher)

19th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

I do like trying to speed to the middle and around the side in Urchin Underpass. Fairly often, like this battle, a Blaster just about catches me in the act, and their indirect fire puts a stop to my efforts. I take a more conventional route to return, inking more of a path for my squidmates, and needing to pause for a Kraken.

I don't manage to clear the Tower, but hopefully my ink was additional pressure, pushing the Luna Blaster in to harm's way. I move up, where nothing's happening, and move back when it sounds like the Tower needs support, clambering on at the same time as a blue inkling. She doesn't have a charged Bubbler, though, so I come out best.

My squidmates hop on too, sharing the Bubbler, so I push forwards to help clear a path. It's not straightforwards, even with most of a Bubbler remaining, but some jinking helps keep the blue inklings guessing, and what may be a misstep lands the Kelp Splatterscope under my bucket.

I push up even further, to the goal and beyond, catching the N-ZAP partly by surprise, and rather aggressively splatting the Splatterscope on his immediate return. But I don't like to harry opponents outside their base too much, so I keep moving, back to support the Tower more directly.

The Tower is moving forwards nicely, without any blue pressure on it, so I turn to help push back any oncoming inklings. That works quite well, thanks to having a Bubbler charged and ready, and a squidmate by my side sharing it.

My enthusiasm gets the better of me, though, and I squid forwards right in to a Splat Bomb. Never mind, the Tower keeps trundling right to the goal. Woomy!

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